Annual Fundraiser Starts, John Fry, Mystery Team, DV Multi-Generationals, Weather Coming, Start Drinking.

If it’s Ground Hog Day, it must mean is launching its annual fundraiser. This time around, we have three levels of premiums to consider:

  • $65: A super duper tote bag, rugged and ready for ski trips, plus patches and stickers.
  • $35: highly coveted sew-on patches and stickers.
  • $25: popular stickers with our Mountain Man logo.

Why a fundraiser? The short answer is that our subscriber base and editorial projects been growing and expanding, leading to increased expenses for emailing, software licenses, web design, hosting, not to mention administrative, marketing promotion, and, yes, even postage.

A couple of years ago, we thought that should be offered on a paid subscription basis. When we pressed on that idea, we realized it would be a huge hassle to manage log-ons, passwords, cyber security, customer service, and lots more, representing a whole other set of tasks that distract from editorial.  So, we adopted a fundraising model, just like National Public Radio.  We offer free access, and you can choose to support us if we are providing you with interesting, useful, and entertaining content. We hope you do.

We are in the exact middle of’s sixth publishing year.  We’ve come a long way with your support and help. Thanks for making a donation.

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This Week

John Fry. Credit: SKI Magazine

We lost John Fry, a ski journalist, innovator, historian, and member of both the US and Canadian ski halls of fame.  He had just turned 90 when he passed away on vacation in Puerto Rico. Click here for a look at his long life in snow sports.

Our West Coast correspondent Rose Marie Cleese reminds us to start drinking and stretching before we head out. Lack of hydration is the bane of seniors, as our own physician once said, “Most seniors are walking around in a state of dehydration.” And tight, too. It makes sense to do wake up those hamstring and quads, too. Click here to drink up.

Correspondent Tamsin Venn recounts her trip to Deer Valley with her millennial family who dropped their “Ok Boomer” attitudes and wound up loving the resort. Here’s her report on DV.

Our Mystery Glimpse asks you to identify the members of a US Ski Team, and we reveal the previous week’s picture was the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, the venerable, silver-mining relic that had celebrities and scoundrels galore in residence. Click here to see the Mystery.

Skiing Weatherman Herb Stevens previews the second half of the season. He’s optimistic there is much more to come.  Check out his analysis here.

Thanks for reading  Tell your friends, and remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.




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