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Wow, turn around, and it’s the end of July, and August is upon us. Has Covid-19 accelerated the clock? It seems like we are rushing into fall.  And all the uncertainty that will bring.

One thing for certain, we know most people don’t like uncertainty, ambiguity, vagueness; we like the opposite much more: predictability, certainty, clarity.  Well, that ain’t happening these days, so we might as well get used to it, because it is definitely going to affect winter sports next winter.

Take Australia, for instance. It’s winter down there, and ski resorts began operating in late June, but a record high of 191 new coronavirus cases hit the state of Victoria on July 7, prompting Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews to revert to stage three restrictions, similar to stay-at-home orders issued in the United States this spring, for six weeks. In response, Vail Resorts, operator of Hotham and Falls Creek in Victoria, announced that it would suspend operations at the two resorts, according to a report in Powder Magazine.

Boom. Closed. At least for a while.

Mt. Hotham trails open report from the resort’s website. Owner Vail Resorts closed down the area after a spike in virus infections.

On the other hand, resorts in New Zealand are operating without the usual Covid restrictions, because the country locked down tight in late March, flattened the curve, and beat the virus. However, it’s a domestic crowd hitting The Remarkables and Mount Hutt, resulting in 50-80 percent of normal visitations. International visitors won’t be making the En-Zed scene this year due to travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, The Remarkables in Queenstown, NZ, are open to domestic visitors only. NZ locked down in late March and beat the virus. At least so far.

So, while US and Canadian resorts will be limiting visitor capacity, accepting only online reservations, practicing distancing on lifts and lift lines, frequently sanitizing facilities,  restricting food service and even terrain accessibility, if the virus peaks again regionally, some local resort owners could do what the Victoria areas did and shut down for some length of time.

That will leave winter sports lovers with some choices.  At SeniorsSkiing.com, we feel—based on our survey responses—that readers will either find somewhere else to go or start or re-introduce themselves to cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or fat-biking, outdoor winter sports that may satisfy the need for cold weather activity. Should that future scenario unfold, SeniorsSkiing.com plans to help our readers make a transition to alternative winter sports with information resources and recommendations specifically for our senior readership.

Look for “Make More Tracks” coming up this fall.

This Week

Downtown Banff. Bike rental on Banff Ave. which was closed to traffic this summer for social distancing. Credit: SkiBig3

SeniorsSkiing.com correspondent Yvette Cardozo reports on preparations underway in some leading Canadian resorts, anticipating the US-Canada will be open by the beginning of ski season.  One thing is for sure, uncertainty is out there, but planning the details helps boost confidence in visitors.

Have you been keeping up with your Covid-era exercise and fitness program?  We ask that question in one of our Questions For You.  Also, SeniorsSkiing.com correspondent tells about what Covid has done for him, physical-fitness-wise.

We also have a question for you about our upcoming SeniorsSkiing.com Classified Ad section. We’d like your input on what categories you’d like to see and your impressions about carrying classified ads in our online magazine.

And finally, speaking of “Make More Tracks”, here’s  a GoPro promo video of a guy named Chuck Patterson skiing down some waves in Hawaii.  Perhaps we should all be learning to ski on water? Global warming? Eh?

Thanks for reading SeniorsSkiing.com.  Be safe out there. Wear a mask, wash your hands, distance.  And remember there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.



  1. Tom Kauffmann says:

    It’s nice that New Zealand was able to limit access to local people, only. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening in Utah, where tourism is a big player in the economy. With additional restrictions being implemented regularly (masks at Planet Fitness are now required while working out), I am not optimistic about much of a ski season for 2020-2021. Oh well…..I sure hope I’m wrong!

    • It would seem to make sense that alpine resorts create/expand/refine facilities for XC skiing, snowshoeing, fatbiking, etc., to absorb some of the “excess” downhill skiers at any given time. Maybe that will allow more winter visitors, even if they don’t get the customary time on slopes.

  2. New England skier here. I see no problem with safe downhill skiing here. No bars. No restaurant. Bring lunch and bring beers. Access toilets and warming areas. 2 people/quad. More if in same home. Masks no problem. The only REAL problem is idiot mayors/governors and selectmen!!! These people are generally democrat and generally scared little liberals. If they left us to our own devises, most skiers will do what’s safe for their family. It’s not like it’s Mar 2020 and all new. We know what spreads this disease. We’ll do what’s right especially in the “ Live Free or Die State”…. I just hope these politicians let US live free. Things will be just fine. Worst case, all liberals stay home and slopes aren’t crowded and more room to stretch out on your fav trails!!! Looking forward to it!!

  3. Margaret Landstrom says:

    Who says “most” skiers will do what is safe? The Covid numbers of cases indicate there are way too many people who are not doing what is safe. Mayors etc. have been trying to stop the spread, and flatten the curve so healthcare is not overwhelmed despite the real idiots who figure they can do as they please. Idiots who feel they can do whatever they want, wherever they want and if they they are non-symptomatic carriers and infect a few other people who maybe get very ill and die, not their problem! Look at the history of the 1918-19 pandemic. It opened in late fall and then THOUSANDS more died, and the lockdown had to be re-imposed.

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