Steamboat gets a summer snow dump. Thanks to SnowBrains.

Isn’t It Time For You To Go Home?

We’ve all hosted house parties where one or more guests have decided to hang around long after everyone else has gone. Perhaps the table has been cleared, dishes stacked, and the corks put back in bottles. Perhaps the hostess has gone to bed with a telling backward look. Yet, here they are, discussing with vigor something about something.

Is this not the case with this year’s never-ending ski season? At last look, there were at least four areas still operating, some on weekends, but nevertheless. SnowBrains reports the summer skiing is “unbelievable” at Mammoth. Snowbird is winging. A-basin is open, too, with snow STILL falling in Colorado. Always a late closer, Timberline Lodge is going to end end of August. Although it is closed, Steamboat got a 20″ dump last weekend. Something happening here.

La Parva, Chile, sunset through the icicles. Credit: Casey Earle

Amazingly, this “season” appears to have no end, now running consecutively with resorts in Australia, New Zealand, and South America whose season has just started.

And so we wonder, gentle readers, is it time to call it a season? Or not. Please tell us if you are still out there. More importantly, what keeps you going into the summer? Curious minds want to know. Drop a comment down below in the Comment Box.

Speaking of Latin America, our Chile-based correspondent Casey Earle offers a resort review of La Parva, right outside of Santiago. Check out the webcam links in the story. Lotsa snow there, too.

Riding the foothills of the Tucson Range. Credit: White Stallion Ranch

Even if the snow season refuses to shift, this week we are on to different topics. Pat McCloskey discovers a brand of ultra great maple syrup from Vermont’s famous Cochran ski-racing family that he simply has to write about. Our ever-traveling correspondent Yvette Cardozo visits a dude ranch…er, guest ranch…giving us a snapshot of yet another non-snow season activity. Did you know legs strong from skiing help you stay on a horse?

Finally, we’re publishing a season summer video diary by correspondent Don Burch. He’s taken the time to document this season with pictures and videos (some taken by ski journalist Peter Hines). Perhaps the idea of a video journal of the season is something that might catch on. At least, watching it might keep you a bit cooler in July.

Off we go into summer. We’re going sailing. What about you? Thanks for reading . Wherever you go, remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.


  1. Tom Kazikiewicz says:

    My season never ends;skied last friday at A-Basin and am heading to NewZealand(for month of july) ;north island Mt Ruapahu,2 ski area there, Wacapappa and Turoa,both nice ;come home for 10 days then on to Mt Hotham(which is already open) for another month then back home & A-basin in october

  2. Going to take a shot at Tuckerman on July 1st

  3. John Farley says:

    I skied 2 days last week at Mammoth and it was very good spring conditions, with 8 lifts and more than 60 runs open. I think a little less now, but still open top to bottom. Also for those wanting to get some 4th of July turns in Coloradio, A-Basin announced yesterday that they will be open on the 4th, which will be their last day.

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