Resort and Product Reviews, Another Jackson Hole, Snowless Skiing, Skiing With Life-Long Friends, and An Artist On The Ski Slopes.

Magnificent views provide a backdrop for senior friendly skiing at Waterville Valley Resort. Credit: Waterville Valley Resort
Credit: Waterville Valley Resort

Well, it was 77 official degrees when we left Boston Wednesday this week to go a-skiing in Vermont.  This is the season of strange to be sure, at least in the East.  Out West, we are learning of 6o” snowfalls in Tahoe and more to come.  We have to give kudos to the ingenious snow farmers of New England who have managed to make do with what nature has provided. Thanks for keeping the lifts spinning.

Pow-ing down to the Sugar Bowl village. Always lots of snow for playing. Credit: Sugar Bowl
Credit: Sugar Bowl

Speaking of Tahoe, San Francisco correspondent Rose Marie Cleese offers a view of Sugar Bowl and Royal Gorge, the biggest snow catchers in the Sierra.  Like Bretton Woods in NH, Sugar Bowl is a double value resort with legendary Alpine skiing and the largest Nordic area in the country.

Tamsin Venn tells us about the most super-senior friendly resort in the Northeast:  Waterville Valley Resort which goes out of its way to make senior skiers feel welcome.  Incidentally, Waterville Valley has been twice awarded’s Senior-Friendly Ski Resort Award.

Northeast correspondent Pat McCloskey reflects on skiing with the same bunch of guys for decades.  We count him lucky to have life long friends like that.

Home, home on the range? Not really. This Jackson Hole is not where you think.
Home, home on the range? Not really. This Jackson Hole is not where you think.

We have some fun with a clip from Stockholm showing a bunch of young fellas skiing in a snowless city.  Hey, take notes, we might have to deal with this one day.  Also, we ask you to identify the “other” Jackson Hole.  There is one, can you guess where?

Finally, we profile Judy Calhoun, the en plein air artist that some of you have reported seeing with her brush, canvas and easel on the slopes of Alta or Snowbird.

Oil-on-canvas by Judy Calhoun captures the Wasatch.
Oil-on-canvas by Judy Calhoun captures the Wasatch.


Next week we’ll be looking at more resorts in the Northwest, product reviews, and other thoughts about the ending of the season in the Northeast and the ongoing-ness of the season out West.

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