Pivoting To Spring, New Mexico Resorts, Luxury Vermont Inn, Mystery Gondola, Weather Man Predicts.

We have several reports that spring-like skiing is happening at the higher elevation resorts in the Northeast. A few bluebird days, corduroy trails.  Ahh.  We are jealous because…we are in Florida. Such are the vicissitudes of family life.  We plan to get back for a final turn or two when we return next week. Let’s hope the base holds for another few weeks.  Hope so because it was 73 degrees when we departed Boston.  As the Skiing Weatherman Herb Stevens reports in this week’s prediction, there might be lots of snow at Easter time.

Incidentally, now is the time for buying next season’s pass.  Both Ikon and Epic have new configurations of passes, and you can get a pass to fit your winter sports cadence. Finally there are reasonably priced mid-week passes that are real bargains. 

Click here to see the 2020-21 Epic passes.

Click here to see the 2020-21 Ikon passes

Wear your green next week. Happy Paddy’s Day. Is he still a saint?

Speaking of next week, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We know it is an unofficial way to transition into spring skiing mode, and some resorts really do it up.  Brodie Mountain in western Massachusetts used to be the archetype.  Now, green beer and snow are popping up from coast to coast and into Canada and beyond.

And speaking again of next week, we anticipate sending the final premiums from SeniorsSkiing.com’s recent fund raiser.  We ran out of labels, stickers, tote bags, cards all at once, and when they arrive we will get back to stuffing and addressing envelopes.

Thank you again for your support and for the many positive messages you sent in your donations.  Frankly, your support makes the challenge of producing a weekly online magazine for senior snow sports enthusiasts a little easier.

This Week

70+ Ski Club group photo. The club ventures to US, European, and this year, New Zealand resorts. Credit: 70+ Ski Club

Harriet Wallis catches up with the 70+Ski Club as they visit several Utah resorts. What a wonderful group of senior skiers who find new friends and new adventures throughout the season and beyond. We’re often asked by readers where they can find seniors to ski with.  The 70+ Ski Club is definitely a place to start. P.S. If you’re not quite 70 yet, you can be a “member in training.”

Contributor Bob Margulis offers his advice on safety in the mountains with this matra, “What can go wrong?” His advice makes sense whether you are backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, skiing, rock climbing, or even cycling. Interesting gear and tips from an experienced mountain man. 

Angel Fire has some two mile runs, and best of all 70-75 seniors pay $29, 75+ pay zero. Credit: Angel Fire

Veteran correspondent Mike Roth reports on his venture to three New Mexico resorts, comparing conditions and trails to his home base in upstate New York and New England.  Interesting differences.

Correspondent Tamsin Venn stayed at a very classy, year round resort at Stowe.  Check out her story on the Topnotch Resort and Spa. Good timing, too, because rates are dropping as we move along into spring. 

Our Mystery Glimpse features an early photo of a gondola in a western state.  Can you guess?  Thanks to the Colorado Snowsports Museum for the photo.  And yes, indeed, that was Cannon Mountain from the air. 

Our stalwart Skiing Weatherman Herb Stevens tells us what to expect as the official start of spring approaches. It looks like more snow to come and perhaps a snowy Easter.  Did you know meteorological spring started on March 1?  Missed it, didn’t you?

Thanks again for reading SeniorsSkiing.com and for your ongoing support.  Please tell your friends about us and remember, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.





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