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Postmasters Andrea and Brenda at our little country post office were so helpful in mailing fund raiser tote bags. Thanks so much.

Winding down, changing pace, and adapting to new circumstances has become the order of the day. At SeniorsSkiing.com, we are still publishing relevant articles for our readership that will in some small way briefly divert attention away from the pandemic and, at the same time, provide stories that deliver some insight about how to deal with it.

Last week, we offered our readers an opportunity to respond to three questions revolving around the resort shut down, alternative activities, and advice. The response has been overwhelming.  We received more comments on those questions than any article in our six year history.  So, we decided to summarize those replies and offer you the highlights of what your fellow senior snow sports enthusiasts are thinking and feeling these days.

Your comments reflect a thoughtful attitude, kind and understanding, and creative, even resolute, in adjusting to the world of social distancing. Thank you for your contributions.

We decided to add another question in this week’s addition.  A little prosaic, perhaps, but timely. Let’s see what you think about buying lift passes this spring.

Finally, we’re happy to report that all our fundraiser premiums—stickers, patches, tote bags— have been mailed. You should have received your packages or envelopes by now.  Many thanks to the tireless postmasters at our little country post office who handled the load.  Brenda and Andrea, you rock.  We gave them some SeniorsSkiing.com tote bags as thank you gifts.

This Week

As we mentioned, we’re feeding back your comments on our open ended questions from last week, and asking a new question for you. Click here and here for summaries. Please comment in the Reply Box at the bottom of article.

Spring storms have brought snow to many areas. Get your outdoor fix by enjoying the outdoors with XC.

Irony reigns as Herb Stevens, the Skiing Weatherman, reports late season snow is on the way. So there will be Nordic skiing opportunities at the beginning of April. If you’re in snow country, it’s not over yet.

XCSkiResort.com’s publisher Roger Lohr reminds us that Nordic skiing is still available to many and brings lots of benefits in fighting COVID-19Read his report here.

That young racer from last week’s Mystery Glimpse was Nancy Greene-Raine, Canada’s sweetheart and an active player in the snow sports industry in North America. Nancy spent about a decade serving in the Canadian legislature as senator from British Columbia. One of our readers actually skied with her a couple of weeks ago at Sun Peaks! We have included a video news interview with her that was recorded just before she retired where she describes her gold medal win in the 1968 Grenoble Olympics. Our new Mystery Glimpse shows a dude in some cool sunglasses.  Guess who.

We are reprising a story from last year on how to stow away your skis and gear. Correspondent Don Burch has some good advice, and since you probably have some time on your hands, it might be useful to be vigilant about taking care of your equipment.

Sugarloaf from the air on a beauty of a bluebird day.

We have one final Resort Review this season from correspondent Tamsin Venn who reports on Sugarloaf, the beautiful, big resort in western Maine that straddles the northern end of the Appalachian Trail. She managed to get a weekend of skiing in before the big shut down.  Perhaps her story will stir some memories of your season ending runs.

Finally, we include a special poem in our Snow In Literature series.  This one, Wendell Berry’s The Peace Of Wild Things, offers nature and the natural world as a potion for these uncertain times.

Thanks for reading SeniorsSkiing.com.  Tell your friends, and remember, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.




  1. Dean Halver says:

    You should include a forward option to help spread the 70+ word. I go with a bus load once per week January and February and would forward to all of them. I’ve told many if not all but seeing is believing. Hopefully I didn’t miss a forward pick.

    • Phil Schlecht says:

      I agree with Dean. And maybe we could get a group together and visit Powder Mountain for a week of skiing!

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