Survey Results: Summer Activities, Summer Trail Prep, Sacropenia Defense.

We are in high spring, as it were, as of this writing, and yet they are still squeezing out runs in Killington, VT, and will be until the end of May. Here’s a pic from last weekend from Aspen East Ski Shop’s Facebook page.

Still turning at Killington with one week to go. Credit: Aspen East Ski Shop

And also at Killington, Scott Howard, (65) a senior skier (!), has managed to break the unofficial record for the total number of vertical feet skied in a

Vertical record holder (unofficial) Scott Howard. Credit: Scott Howard.

season.  According to Trace, his iPhone app, Scott has racked up over six MILLION vertical feet by skiing 60 runs a day, seven days a week. Just so you know, six million vertical feet is equal to 1136 miles. That’s a little short of the distance from Vermont to Colorado.

Couple more runs, Scott, and you can head to the hot tub.

For more about this achievement, click here to read story from our friends at Snowbrains. 

Meanwhile, most of us have put up out skis and are into our non-snow activities. In case you are wondering, what do senior skiers do in the off season.  Let’s look at the results from our recent survey.

Non-Snow Activities From Spring Survey 2018

We asked our readers what activities they participated in after the snow melts. Here’s the top ten.

  1. 57.83% Hiking
  2. 39.32% Road Cycling
  3. 37.31% Gardening
  4. 36.54% Touring independently domestically
  5. 32.44% Touring independently internationally
  6. 30.78% Golf
  7. 26.93% Kayaking
  8. 22.78% Fishing
  9. 21.18% Camping
  10. 19.69% Mountain Biking

The most interesting write-in comment was Dragon Boat Paddling. We also noted many write-ins for Tennis, Swimming, and Hunting. We should have made these choices in this survey and will include them next time. Your comments? Reactions?

This Week

Correspondent Yvette Cardozo takes us up to Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia where we learn how trails are prepped for summer.  Check out those cows! And we hear from Arthur Razee, a new contributor, who explains how do deal with sacropenia, the condition that causes muscle loss in older folks. It happens to us all, but we can manage to deal with through diet and a specific exercise.

Also, we say goodbye to our old friend and mentor, venerable and veteran ski journalist John Henry Auran. You can read a tribute here.

Meanwhile, stick with us through the summer.  We have some interesting stories lined up and we do want to hear from you. Please, please tell your friends about us.  Remember, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.

Meanwhile, here’s a shot of a May snowstorm in Charlotte Pass, New South Wales, Australia, where the season is just getting under way.  It’s snowing somewhere in the world every day!




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