Still Spinning, Still Snowing. Still Going?

In 1816, incessant cold throughout the year drove New Englanders to despair.

In 1816, there was no summer in New England. Six inches of snow fell in June, and it was as low as 40 degrees in Connecticut in July and August.  There was frost every month of the year, and, in May, strong, freezing winds from Canada wiped out tree buds, and frozen birds dropped from the trees.  One 74 degree day in Salem, MA,  was followed by a 21 degree day. Crops didn’t grow, and people went a little crazy. Contemporary observer Samuel Goodrich described the impact of the errant weather on the people of New Hampshire: “At last a kind of despair seized upon the people. In the pressure of adversity, many persons lost their judgment, and thousands feared or felt that New England was destined, henceforth, to become part of the frigid zone.” 

Some pointed to the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia that ejected massive amounts of ash and debris into the atmosphere as the root cause.  Other scientists say 1816 was part of a mini-ice age lasting from around 1400 to the 1860s. Click here for more on this fascinating event in meteorological history. 

Whatever the cause, New England, and dare we say, a large number of mountain states are experiencing an extension of Winter 2018-19 that is eerily similar to 1816. To wit: It is snowing in mid-May in Colorado.

Credit: WeatherBrains

A new 10-inches in Breckinridge.

Credit: Breckinridge Ski Resort

This was Killington on May 14th.

Killington in mid-May.

Here’s a video from Killington from May 14. Killington is extending the season to at least June 2. It has been 20 years since Killington has been open in June.

And, in the Sierra.

Credit: WeatherBrains.

And Mammoth is going to AUGUST!

Credit: Snowbrains

And so it goes.  A highly unusual year for snowfall and an extended winter. Have you seen closing days like these in recent years?  These resorts are the late-closers for the 2018-19 season.

  • Mt. Hood Meadows Memorial Day
  • Aspen Memorial Day
  • Crystal Mountain Memorial Day
  • Snowbird Weekends until it lasts
  • Whistler Memorial Day
  • Heavenly Weekends
  • Mt. Bachelor Memorial Day
  • Arapahoe Weekends to June 23
  • Breckenridge Weekends to June 9
  • Killington June 2
  • Squaw Valley June 7
  • Mammoth August
  • Timberline Lodge August 31

The question to our readers: If the resorts are still open, and the snow is still falling, are you still skiing? If so, please tell us your story.  What’s it like out there?  Who else is skiing this time of the year? Please let us know in Comments below.

This Week

Our first non-snow issue features an interesting comparison of skiing and cycling by correspondent Pat McCloskey.  Also, we hear from a reader who had a successful experience with a stem cell treatment for bad knees. This may be alternative for some seniors, but it’s important to understand what you are getting into. Finally, we hear from another reader who has some philosophical thoughts his last run on a pretty gnarly day when most folks would rather have put another log on the fire.

Onwards to summer.  Please send us you story ideas.  We love submissions by our readers. 

Remember, dear readers, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.

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