First “Incidents And Accidents”, New Mystery Photo, Fact Or Fiction Puzzler, Ski History Gala.

Big doings this week at We publish our first Incidents And Accidents report from a reader. Katie Van Hess, Sun Valley, ID, relates an encounter that is probably too common where trails run into congested areas.

Our objective in publishing these reader submitted stories is to gather a portfolio of unsafe encounters that we can analyze and perhaps make sense of. That might be a starting point for influencing change in how resort management and industry organizations approach on-trail safety.

If you have a story to tell, please submit using the format provided here. Send to [email protected]

Ski Showman Bernie In The News.

The Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo is opening this week (Nov. 14-17) at the World Trade Center. The show’s impresario for the past four decades is Bernie Weichsel, an industry legend, US Ski Hall of Famer, and a adviser.

Bernie has mixed feelings about the recent changes in the ski industry and the impact of multi-resort passes. “On one level, these multi-area passes are fantastic for the existing skier. Great value, you can’t go wrong. I buy both,” he said. “But I don’t think it does anything to grow the sport.”

Read the Bernie’s interview with the Boston Globe’s ski columnist Matt Pepin. This article first appeared in the Boston Globe, Nov. 13th.

This Week

Mt. Superior

Our Pointy Peak Mystery Glimpse photo from last week is revealed and explained with an interesting account of Dick and Miggs Durrance’s arrival at Alta.

Our clever correspondent Don Burch offers a Fact or Fiction puzzler that is not as easy as it might look.

Finally Harriet Wallis reports on the Ski History Gala sponsored by the Utah Ski Archives at the University of Utah. The organization honored Alf Engen for his life-long contributions to the snow sports industry as well as the Wasatch Mountain Club.

It is snowing in the East. Resorts are opening. It’s happening. If you’re not getting ready or excited yet, then go to the Ski and Snowboard Expo. Come on down.

Thanks for reading Remember, there are more of us every day, and there are more of us every day.

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  1. Carlan Silha says:

    Thanks for the great work. I do have an idea for you. I volunteer at our ski hill– Big White in BC, Canada and each year we attend work at the ski show in Spokane, WA. I am always talking to guests about Seniorssking and many are not aware. Why not have some little poster that I am confident many ski resorts would put out at the shows. We saw probably a couple of thousand people at the show and I bet you could get a lot more interest if people just knew about your email.

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