Fifth Anniversary Party Bash Report, Revised Free Ski List, New Trail Name Series, Big Bell Mystery, November Poetry From Robert Frost.

The Upper West side of Manhattan reverberated with the laughs and chatter of the’s Fifth Anniversary Bash at E’s Bar and Grill last Wednesday.


Mke Maginn (l) and Jon Weisberg, co-publshers




Several ski journalists attended.







This Week

We have an important article from The Ski Diva, our friend and colleague Wendy Clinch, who advises us how to regain and maintain confidence. It’s a topic that we know many seniors struggle with as we change our style to accommodate our changing capabilities.

This week’s Mystery Glimpse has an excellent puzzlin’ pic from the Alf Engen Museum, Park City. It’s an artifact that folks who’ve been around the Intermountain area may know. And see who those two stars from last week were.  Okay, one was Judy Garland as a young skier.

Correspondent Don Burch had a great idea.  While waiting for the snow to fly, let’s do series on unusual and memorable trail names.  His analytic inclinations had him researching trail maps and making sense or at least some observations about what was common, different, thematic, etc., at a group of ski resorts. So, this week, we present his thoughts about trail names at resorts in California.  More next week.

Finally, we have a November poem by Robert Frost. November is a special month as it can be viewed as the swing time between brightness and light and doom and gloom. Here’s an homage to “bare November days.”

Thanks for reading PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  Remember, dear readers, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.


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