Off To The Ski Show! New Mystery Glimpse, Updated Free Ski List,  Snowshoeing With Grandkids, Another Non-Skiing Snow Activity.

The annual go-to-the-ski-show ritual is about to take place. We’re headed down to Boston to see what new and different this year and to connect with some friends and fellow ski journalists.  We know this is a great annual family/friend outing for lots of folks, and it’s a lot of fun.  Anticipation builds, and from what we’ve heard, there will be snow this weekend at higher altitudes in New England. Go to the show and get the fever.

The Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo runs from Nov. 8-11, and the Denver show from Nov. 16-18. If you click on the ad at the top right of the page, you can get a discount.

Here’s a video from last year’s Ski & Snowboard Expo in Boston.  Come on down!

Free Ski (Or Almost Free) For Seniors Resort List Updated

Last week, we published our list of 134 ski resorts in the US and Canada that offered free (or almost free) skiing for seniors, and our readers immediately sent in additions and corrections. So, you will find an update to our listing by clicking here. You may have to re-enter your name and email address to download. There are now 144 ski resorts that are being nice to seniors.

We welcome additional corrections and updates.  Also, one reader made a point of asking us to tell you to check each resort’s special terms and conditions that may apply before you head up and ask for a free ticket. There can be changes and different requirements, like proof of age or cut-off dates. Wise advice, especially for venues that are new to you.

This Week

A little planning goes a long way when snowshoeing with kids. Credit: Crystal Mountain

We have a new Mystery Glimpse for your guessing pleasure as well as the correct answer to last week’s mystery. The story behind last week’s picture is pretty interesting, and although the event depicted took place in 1964, the “Lost Boy” trail remains a landmark at Vail. Find out what happened.

We also have some great advice from x-c ski editor Roger Lohr on taking your grandkids snowshoeing. Snowshoeing can be a great way to introduce young children to the winter outdoors with the caveat that you do it right. That means thinking twice about equipment, clothing, provisions, and planned activities out in the woods.

Finally, correspondent Yvette Cardozo gives us the third part of her series on other things you can do at a ski resort besides ski. This week, she tells the story of her adventure on a Snow Limo at Sun Peaks Resort in BC. Now this is an interesting device, kind of like a dog sled without the dogs and run by gravity, steered by a guide hanging on the rear. So, we guess you get the thrill of skiing without having to strap on skis and squeeze into boots.  Fun stuff.

Please remember to tell your friends about, the only online magazine for the senior skier. There really are more of us every day, we aren’t going away.

Snow Limo takes a non-skier not only up the mountain but also down a ski trail. Credit: Sun Peaks Snow Limo Tours.


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