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SeniorsSkiing new Classified feature is active and ready to accept ads!

Readers Said It Would Be A Good Idea. And Here It Is.

Since we started SeniorsSkiing seven years ago, we’ve received many emails from you asking about where to find ski clubs, equipment suggestions, and places to stay in different parts of ski country. We have also received an extraordinary number emails from people looking for ski buddies.

From all those emails, the comment sections of our many surveys, most recently, our test-the-water Question For You last spring, we sensed that you wanted to get in touch with each other, to buddy-up, to exchange information, to sell stuff, and to rent vacation spots.   We believe that Classifieds would further contribute to the sense of community our readers share by encouraging person-to-person interactions.

Over the summer, we developed a Classified Ad section, trying various versions to try to make the posting and responding process as simple as possible.

Introductory Offer: $1 Ad Expiring Nov 13

From Oct 16 until Nov 13, you can post a 30-day ad for $1.  It’s our introductory offer, and it is a way for you to help us shake down our new feature.  Just place an ad on or after Oct. 16 for $1 and before Nov. 13, the ad will expire automatically after 30 days from your posting date. On Nov 14, our regular pricing rate card will be in effect.

Interesting Categories And Affordable Prices

We asked our readers what categories they thought were most relevant to our audience of, active, outdoor sports oriented seniors might be.  Here’s the resulting category list, most of which are organized by region:

  • Alpine and Nordic equipment for sale
  • Accessories, Gizmos, Electronic equipment for sale
  • Guides/Instructor Services
  • Seasonal/Weekly Rentals By Owner/Agent
  • In Search Of
  • Looking For Ski Buddies/Rides To Share
  • Ski Club Trips Open to com Readers
  • Vintage Equipment, Collectibles, Antiques For Sale

We’ve priced ads to make them affordable.  Here’s the pricing schedule that goes into effect on Nov. 14th.

  • $10 for One Week Posting (7 days)
  • $25 for Three Week Posting (21 days)
  • $30 for Five Week Posting (35 days)
  • $50 for Ten Week Posting (70 days)

Post and Pay

You can securely pay for your classified by credit card when you post your ad. We use a reliable third party app for processing payments. Pictures of your product or service can also be posted with the ad. Any shipping instructions and or additional costs can be explained when you describe your offering.

Buyers can contact sellers directly as contact information is provided to interested parties.  Once connected, buyers and sellers can sort out the details of their transaction, like shipping, payments, returns, etc.

There are clear step-by-step instructions on how to post an ad under FEATURES>CLASSIFIEDS>POST AN AD.  You can also click on the SeniorsSkiing Classified House ad in the right column. There are important Terms of Participation for you to consider when either posting or responding to an ad.

It’s important to use common sense and a healthy degree of caution dealing with people you are doing transactions with. 

Please be patient with our new feature.  We’ve tested it through several versions, but you never know what might happen.  If you run into trouble, please contact us at [email protected].

This Week

In addition to all the excitement above, we have a nice collection of articles to stimulate your thinking about the season ahead.

Credit: Ski History Magazine

SeniorsSkiing’s popular feature, Mystery Glimpse, is back with an intriguing photo of a venerable legend of ski history.  Can you recognize him? And there’s extra points for identifying the photographer. Click here.

This week’s Question For You focuses on how you making buying decisions.  If you’re in the market for new gear or clothing, what’s your search, find, and buy strategy? What or who do you rely on? Share you thoughts with your fellow readers. Click here. 

Jonathan Wiesel contributes a resort profile for our Make More Track series.  This time, he writes about Rendezvous Ski Trails, a mecca for Nordic events, located near the majestic Yellowstone National Park. Obviously, there’s more to XC than skiing on your local golf course.  Read and learn about a bustling center of Nordic activity. Click here.

Correspondent Don Burch offers his annual early season quiz, this time focusing on ski trails in the Northeast.  Accompanying the quiz are a couple of Don’s highly stylized photographs which we think are pretty stunning. Click here. 

Yellowstone Ski Festival has racing, but there’s a lot more including Pilates, kids activities, clinics, classes, demos. YSF is cancelled for this year but back again in 2021

We are reprising a review of a favorite book of ours that we reviewed in 2014.  It’s the venerable ski writer John Jerome’s Staying With Ithis tale of how he decided to rejuvenate his athleticism at age 50.

Credit: Don Burch

His experiment was based on the theory you can slow the aging process with fitness. See what he learned in his journey from bystander to competitor.  His sport was swimming, but principles apply to any athletic activity. Click here.

Finally, correspondent Steve Hines reminds us that getting ready for the season involves getting your head squared away in addition to your body.  He cites three books that are the source of inspiration for him, slipping him into training gear for the season ahead. Click here. 

Thanks for reading  Please tell your friends.  And remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.



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