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Last week, we launched our new Classified Ad feature with a special introductory $1 for 30 days offer.  We are happy that there are readers who are posting their ads and hopefully getting some responses. 

Here’s what Bill Cohen, San Jose, CA, had to say about his ad posting experience.  Boy, did that make us smile.

Hey, just wanted to thank you guys for setting up a classified listing program.  I just posted my first ad (CHRISTIE LODGE ROOM AVAILABLE) and wanted to let you know it was EASY, FAST, covered all the bases, and hopefully will get my extra room filled!  So thanks for providing this and I hope others will take advantage of both POSTING and READING the classifieds – GREAT EXTRA SERVICE to the Senior Skiing community.  Bill Cohen in San Jose, CA

Based on what we’ve seen so far, here is some advice:

  1. Post a picture with your ad.  It is easy to upload a .jpeg or .png photo. In fact, you can post more than one, a gallery if you wish.
  2. Be sure to include any details re: shipments or transactions.  Many readers are using PayPal as a payment method. It is simple and easy to setup.
  3. Think about your headline.  Make it short and get to the point. 

If you want to view classified ads already posted, click on the blue menu bar, second box from the left.

As more hikers explore the White Mountains, calls for help climb, too.

As a result, is asking readers to think about their day hiking plans and review what to bring along.  A great source is expert advice provided by REI, the outdoor equipment company.  You may think some of these recommendations of what to bring are a bit over the top, but if you need, say, a compass, and you’re stuck in the woods without one, you’ll quickly find out how valuable it is.
REI’s checklist of equipment to bring for day hikes is definitely worth bookmarking.

Finally, we’re reprising an fantastic resource for those heading to the woods. It’s a valuable document you can download and print out,  published by the State of Maine, by Maine guides. Alone In The Woods is a homespun collection of advice for surviving in the woods if you get lost. With more hikers headed out leaf peeping and conditioning-walking, this is an important source of information. The illustrations may be a bit cartoon-ish, but the information is valuable and might save your life. Click here to read and download.

This Week

Our Question For You this week takes a personal bend as our editor asks readers who have experienced a joint replacement how they returned to the sport.  Why personal?  He’s facing a hip replacement in January.  Gulp.

Correspondent Don Burch offers some basic advice for getting ready for the season of skiing with COVID. As Henry V said in Shakespeare’s play, “All things be ready of our minds be so.”

Correspondent Casey Earle provides a summary of the ski season in Chile in the times of COVID. As we have seen from reports from Australia, the virus has had a heavy hand in how the resorts operated this past season. Those constraints and a lousy snow season made for a fair to middling snow season. What can we learn from both these south of the Ecuador experiences?

Mystery Glimpse is trying something different this week.  Correspondent Don Burch has curated a video of some vintage home movies taken in the 50s and 60s.  Can you spot the locations? 

Thanks for reading Tell your friends and remember there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.


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  1. Thanks for posting the Globe story about hikers in the White Mountains. (Sadly, there have also been stories about hikers trashing the trails, leaving human feces, etc.) Industry reports about increased backcountry ski equipment sales raise the concern whether inexperienced skiers will head into the mountains this winter without the proper avalanche training, putting rescue resources in danger. We all need to take responsibility for our safety out there, in or out of bounds.

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