Get Thee To The Ski/Snowboard Shows!

Arms of bargains at the Consumer ski/board shows!

The consumer ski shows are on! The Denver Ski and Snowboard Expo is on today!

The ski shows are a special time for all stakeholders. The resort industry gets a chance to strut its stuff, announcing new trails, lifts, amenities, and bargain price passes. Resort staff are there to answer questions, convivalize with familiar customers, gossip, and generally accentuate the positive about new and old features at the resort.

Some shows have clothing and gear retailers on site, lots of discounts in a bargain basement atmosphere. And clothing and gear manufacturers are showing their latest.

And then there’s the hodge-podge of other exhibitors who have miscellaneous products related to snow sports. Easy chair made of old skis? Check. Ski club? Check. Artisanal ski manufacturer? Yes. And publications and media companies, non-profits (museums, adaptive skiing groups), tour companies, discount ticket vendors, and many others.

For the consumer, it’s a time not unlike the coming of Labor Day is to a high school student. There’s a shift that’s been coming for a while, away from the remnants of summer activities, and toward winter, which is just around the calendar corner. Or which has already arrived in many places.

Get excited, pick up those Hersey Kisses, lollipops and free pens, trail maps, and ski magazines; every exhibitor has something to hand out. Put those in that big plastic bag and spend your evenings checking out and anticipating.

The shows are part of the rhythm of snow sports. Enjoy the official start of the season.

You can get a $3 discount if you get tickets through by clicking on the banner ad in the top right of the home screen.

For a schedule of consumer ski/snowboard shows around the country, click here. Thanks to Mary Jo Tarallo of for sharing her article.

This Week

The role of ski patrolman on monitoring out-of-control skiers and boarders has been an open question since and readers have started questioning who is responsible for lifting tickets.

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How does a typhoon in the western Pacific ocean impact weather in the US and Canada? As with most things related to the weather, all phenomena are connected. The Skiing Weatherman Herb Stevens explains “The Typhoon Rule” which is one of the few reliable long range (two weeks) predictors of weather. Interesting stuff. Click here.

Correspondent Pat McCloskey explains how familiarity with terrain and trails can lead to confidence. Even gnarly, challenging terrain. If you could do it before, you can most likely do it again. Here’s his story.


Our Mystery Glimpse this week shows us an aerial view taken just this week of a notable resort dusted with beautiful covering of October snow. Tell us where it is. You’ll also learn where that apres-ski disco from last week is located. Here’s the picture.

Thanks again for reading Tell your friends! Remember, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.


  1. Connie Miltner says:

    I just moved to NE Indiana, and I don’t know anyone. I am over 50 and would like to join a ski club

    • Michael Maginn says:

      To find a ski club, go to FIND A SKI BUDDY in the upper banner menu. Follow the link to the National Ski Council Federation and click on your location. A number of clubs will come up with contact information. Good Luck!

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