Big BC Snow Beats Record, Colorado Senior Discounts, Conditioning Cautions, Ski Shows Coming.

Oct. 2 25 cm (10 in.) snow wallops Calgary, breaking record with more expected.

No doubt about it, snow is making a statement in the Northwest and Canadian Rockies in particular. Just this week, Calgary experienced a record-breaking snowfall, catching municipal snow removers a bit flat footed. Equipment had to be imported from local towns and cities to help clear the streets. But, the pictures of snow on the mountains are certainly encouraging for those interested in starting the snow season. Check out the Calgary snow fall story by clicking here. 

Free Ski Listing Coming Soon.

Incidentally,’s annual listing of resorts where seniors can ski for free (or almost free) in galley form, as the expression goes. This year, we have included several dozen Canadian resorts that provide low or no cost tickets for seniors. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait, the 2017-18 listing is still available under Subscriber-Only Content.  You’ll have to re-enter your name and email to get to it. Click on the menu box at the top of the page.

While some resorts offer free (or almost free) skiing for seniors, others give a big discount. For example, we’ve learned A-Basin in Colorado offers 70+ seniors a $105 unrestricted season pass and a $40 day ticket. Aspen has season pass for 70+ for $514, not bad considering an adult season pass goes for $2,284 at the top end. At Cooper, 60-69 pay $279, 70+ pay $149, 80+ are free. Not to be confused with Cooper, Copper Mountain offers a $389 pass for 70+. You can find other senior discounts and free ski offers at Colorado resorts by clicking here.

Conditioning Starts Now. Right?

Sure, you can do the gym thing. It’s not to late to hit the trails, too.

If you haven’t started getting into shape yet, please consider using the next couple of months as your last chance to buff up before your first run. A couple of years ago, one of our friends decided to go skiing in the early winter without any kind of preparation at all.  Needless to say, she had a wicked fall on her second or third run, pulled muscles, and cancelled the rest of her season.

The reality is that we can’t just go out and do it like we used to. Every year adds a new challenge.  If you are wise, you will pay attention to this. Please people, don’t get hurt.  This week, correspondent Pat McCloskey tells us about some alternatives to gym workouts that you can do to harden those legs, shoulders, and abs. 

In addition, Harriet Wallis offers us a Woman’s Guide To Sports As We Grow Older. Despite the march of time, Harriet encourages us to adapt and keep going.  There’s always a way. Just do it.

Ski Shows Coming.

For some, going to the fall ski shows is the official start of ski season. In Boston, the Ski and Snowboard Expo is on Nov. 8-11, in Denver, it’s on Nov. 16-18. Notice the banner ad at the top of this page? If you click through, you can get your tickets at a discount when you enter SENIOR in your order.

The ski show is always a fun afternoon. Collect the swag from the resorts, check out the deals, retail sales, demos, vendors of all kinds, and enjoy saying hello to your pals in the snow sport community.  We will be wandering around the Boston show this year.  Say hello, and we’ll give you a sticker.

Reminder: NYC Gathering Nov. 14

If you’re around New York on Wednesday evening looking for a diversion and potentially winning some co0l raffle items, drop by our Gathering.  Details below.

Remember, dear readers, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.


  1. Cam McKenzie says:

    do you know of a personal trainer that could design a workout program to get into shape

  2. Cam McKenzie says:

    good workout to follow?

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Check under Conditioning. We had a three part series with Rick Silverman, a professional PT, who demonstrated a set of graduated exercises.

  3. Gary moore says:

    I am turning 65 in November this year do you have a list of discounted Canadian ski resorts. Thanks gary

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Yes, Gary. We are preparing our listing of both US and Canadian resorts that offer free or almost free skiing to seniors. While some resorts offer free skiing, most have deep discounts for seniors, too. You just have to look. Our listing of North American resorts offering free or almost free skiing for seniors will be coming in a couple of weeks.

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