Other Great Ski Publications, Protect Our Winters, Anticipation, Snowmaking As Fire Protection.

As you may have read, SeniorsSkiing.com is entering its fifth season of publishing. Over these last few years, we have entered the amazing world of ski publications and their publishers, all of whom have been welcoming, supportive, and collegial to Jon and me as newcomers. You should know about some of them.

The Ski Diva is a weekly publication focused on women who ski.  Wendy Clinch, The Ski Diva’s publisher, has been an extremely helpful colleague and friend from the very beginning of SeniorsSkiing.com’s journey.  We thank her for that.  The Ski Diva has won awards from the North American Ski Journalists Association and is recognized for its unique, woman-focused articles.  Its Forum contains thousands of posts from its many subscribers.

Another highly niche-oriented publication, XCSkiResorts.com is published by Roger Lohr, targeting the activities of cross-country ski resorts. Roger has been reporting on cross-country for years and is not only an expert on resorts but also equipment, personnel, travel, technique, and safety. If you are interested in a magical stay at a cozy cross-country resort, XCSkiResorts.com should be your first stop.

Snowbrains.com has been an inspiration to us. We don’t personally know the California-based publishers Miles Clark and Eric Bryant, but we admire their newsy, high quality approach. There’s always an awesome video or current event story worth checking.  There’s also snow reports and forecasts.

OpenSnow.com is a weather/snow reporting site, publisher by Joel Gratz, a professional meteorologist. The site has a ring of correspondents around the country reporting snow conditions and forecasts. There’s also a very cool “Powder Finder” if you’re interested in that sort of thing, and news from resorts. Well done site, especially if you are amateur weather-watchers like us.

We mention these because you, or someone you know, might find them interesting. In one way or another, each of the above has offered—directly or indirectly—material help and support to SeniorsSkiing.com as it got up and running. There are many others that are worth mentioning; we’re sorry we didn’t get to them all.  And we’d like to hear from you what other sites you like.

Of course, SeniorsSkiing.com is the ONLY online magazine for senior skiers, offering a listing of Free Skiing (or Almost Free) For Seniors, Ski and Boot Recommendations,  Experticity Discounts, and Historic Ski Posters, so don’t wander, you guys!

And, also of course, readers of SeniorsSkiing.com can get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to Ski Magazine, the granddaddy of ski publications, just by signing up under SUBSCRIBER-ONLY CONTENT. (You will be asked to confirm your name and email address.)

Climate Brouhaha

Our recent series of articles on El Nino and its impact on winter weather caused a small handful of readers who are climate change deniers or skeptics to send some flak our way. Let there be no doubt, SeniorsSkiing.com is concerned about global warming and the increasing level of CO2 in the atmosphere. The reality of the impact of those atmospheric changes are all around us from mega-cyclones and hurricanes, droughts, excessive snow or no snow, and coastal flooding.

We admire the work of Protect Our Winters, a non-profit group that is advocating action in the outdoor sports community against climate change. This climate activist group is trying to influence the political agenda as well as educate students and the public about what they can do it mitigate what is happening to the atmosphere. After all, the snow sports industry is dependent on snow and when and if it falls. There are some ski resorts that are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint with different strategies. This is an important development worth paying attention to.

This Week

Speaking of climate change, the wildfires in the west this summer have been frightening. Ski resorts in the high country could be targets and what they can do to avert or minimize damage is an important ingredient the confronting the danger. Correspondent Harriet Wallis offers a story on how Deer Valley has a plan to deal with potential catastrophe.

Also, we have a lovely note on anticipating the ski season from correspondent Don Burch. Think about it; it’s pre-ski show time, pre-parka-buying season.  We’re buying season tickets, and that alone gets excitement going. We can see the season rolling in with snow falling out west, snowmaking operating at A-Basin, and folks bringing in their skis for sharpening.  Anticipation.

Coming Soon

We are preparing the 2018-19 Where Ski Resorts Can Seniors Ski Free (Or Almost Free) directory. Look for it soon. This year, we will be including a host of Canadian resorts.

Don’t forget our SeniorsSkiing.com “gathering” in New York on Nov. 14.  Details below. 

Dear readers, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away. See you soon!

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