While the annual fund-raiser will continue through March (can you believe we’re already in March?), poster and stickers will start to be mailed over the coming days.

Short Swings! explores a different way of understanding our age by subtracting our years from our date of birth. Using that formula, Jon winds up in 1865.

Herb’s weather report bodes well for Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. Be sure to check expected conditions for other parts of ski country.

Marc Liebman gives us an orientation to Crested Butte. And Pat McCloskey helps launch what may become a new feature on the site: thoughts on different ways to experience an area.

Randy Johnson’s second instalment on historic hotels in ski regions around the country take us south of the Mason Dixon Line and west of the Mississippi.

Don Burch has a new short video; this one titled, “Ski Buddies.”

Cartoonist/writer, Mike Roth, has sketched an impossible scene that really happened. It’s funny and terrifying!

Don’t mss the newest additions to the LUV2SKI license plate gallery.

Enjoy the issue. The entire site, including our archive of more than 1,700 articles is accessible at any time. The next editorial package will be distributed Friday, March 18.

Make lots of happy turns, and, remember, Senior Skiers Rock!

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