Wrapping The Sierra, Harriet In The News, Wave Skiing, Another Master Clinic And More.

Harriet Wallis is a veteran journalist who regularly skis the resorts around Salt Lake City. She is a long-time corresponent for SeniorsSkiing.com.
SeeniorsSkiing.com correspondent Harriet Wallis is a veteran journalist who just won Journalist of the Year from Ski Utah for the second time.

The snow season moves along, evaporating in some places and persisting in others. More recent snow in the West and Rockies, odd-ball weather in the East has outdoor enthusiasts in a confused mood. Many folks are still doing their snow sports thing while others are waiting out mud season to start cycling and golfing in earnest. Seventy-degree days followed by slushy snowfalls in New England. Thirty-three inches in the Rockies in three days. What?

This week we salute SeniorsSkiing.com’s Salt Lake City correspondent Harriet Wallis, who was awarded Journalist of the Year by Ski Utah for the second time. We also hear about how Harriet is faring after her double hip replacement. Join us in giving her a shout out. Go Harriet!

California correspondent Rose Marie Cleese wraps up the season with a report on the deep snow in the Sierra Tahoe area. Which resorts are going the distance to Memorial Day? Great story and pictures.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort is one of those Sierra resorts enjoying a bumper season. It is also hosting a Masters Clinic this week, following a trend we are seeing in a number of senior-friendly areas. Find out what will be on the agenda.

Eastern correspondent Pat McCloskey shows us what it takes to get a ski club going. He reports on the Backwoods Ski Club that has one rule for running its affairs. Pat tells all and reports on Gore Mountain, NY, too.

There is a really cute video from the folks at Jay Peak on how to make lemonade from the lemon of a snowless season in New England’s Northeast Kingdom. Nice job, Jay Peak.

Finally, we look into Wave Skiing, a new sport emerging from the surf in Maui. Check out the short video of Chuck Patterson, a famous Freeskier, skiing down monster waves. With ski poles. And ski boots. Go figure.

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The Palisades at Sugar Bowl are a dramatic background to a season filled with awesome skiing. There's still 82 to 165 inches at SugarBowl. Credit: Sugar Bowl Resort
The Palisades at Sugar Bowl are a dramatic background to a season filled with awesome skiing. There’s still 82 to 165 inches at Sugar Bowl.
Credit: Sugar Bowl Resort

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