North Carolina Has The Highest Ski Resort In Eastern North America. Have You Been?

Beech Mountain has 17 slopes and 8 lifts. The longest run is one mile. It might be short but it is indeed sweet.

The next stop in our Vicarious Vacation series is a hop down to North Carolina’s Beech Mountain. Located in the western mountains of the state, Beech Mountain has a summit elevation of 5,506 feet, making it the highest ski resort on the East Coast. The mountain is a mecca for mid-Atlantic skiers.

Here’s a run from top to bottom. We found the sound track a bit irritating, so we muted our sound while we watched.  We love cruising blues, and this run does it. Easy-peasy. See what southern skiing is like. No, it’s not the Rockies or the Alps, but it is fun for all.  It’s from pre-COVID times, so no masks, etc.



  1. Chic Lasser says:

    Judging by the shadow of the skier he’s barely a blue skier!

    • Bob Walser says:

      So what’s your point?

    • The focus is on Beech Mountain, and it’s a great video. Beautiful scenery. Long trails. Good snow. All very well presented in the video. What’s there not to like? Why do you want to distract people and change the focus to the skier? What’s your point?

    • Peter L Burkett says:

      It is too bad he’s not a clone of Bode Miller, but it’s a long groomed traverse with little to no challenging terrain. What do you expect? I thought it was an informative video that leads me to believe that the North Cascades up here in Washington are close to Heaven.

  2. Bruce Lund says:

    Who cares?? Beginner, Blue, advanced, as long as he/she is having fun!!!!

  3. Lea Givens says:

    Don’t go on a weekend! You’ve been warned.

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