Three Costumed Spring Skiing Characters Put A Cap On The Season.

Fun run down to the Tombstone lift at Park City on closing day. Enjoy the silly fun.

Our Vicarious Vacation series winds up in Park City, UT, on April 12 this year, the last day of the season. Our three characters head down from Cloud Dine to the Tombstone Lift on the “canyon side.”

We’ve never skied Park City, but this run follows trails which look remarkably like classic New England. Kind of narrow, through trees, past condos.  Heading under numerous overpasses is a bit unique. Credit goes to RV Dummy for this video and the merry band of spring celebrants.

This wraps this season’s Vicarious Vacations.  We hope you enjoyed taking top to bottom runs on some wonderful resorts, some of which may be totally new to you.  Now you know.


  1. brad schlegel says:

    I have skied this run at least twice in my life – 2016 being the list time. Always found the houses along the route to be unbelievable. Too bad closing was well before the snow was gone.

  2. Carol Finer says:

    Portions of that run remind me of the Great Eastern at Killington! Takes me back.

  3. Keith Egan says:

    We were lucky enough to ski the NE states in 2020. Great experience. The first run looked like Yawgoo Valley in Rhode Island. The rest was NE too.

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