Here’s A View Of A Quad-Busting Run At A High-Altitude Colorado Classic.

Telluride has trails for everyone from beginners to expert. And it is certainly less crowded than the resort that starts with V.

Our Vicarious Vacation series heads west to the major destination resort with a Victorian mining town heritage and lots of mountain to ski. At 8,750, the town sits at the base of mountains that range to 11,000 feet, making some of the highest, longest ski runs in North America.

This video was produced in 2019 with some helpful annotations pointing out lift names, mountain ranges, and…Jerry, whoever he is. In any case, the twinky music ends in a couple of minutes, thankfully, and you can just listen to skis hissing through the snow all the way to the bottom. Credit goes to RealEstateTelluride. Click image below. Have fun.


  1. Michele Jacquin says:

    Sorry, as a viewer, high speed runs down narrow service roads bore me and if some guy (gal) passed me that close I would be screaming #@$%. How about a run off piste or on a bump run where the skier actually makes some turns. In addition, a skier whizzing this fast past obviously slower skiers on a narrow groomer is a dangerous skier, no matter how skilled. This why I would rather be skiing chopped up crud any day. It takes more talent and if I get hurt, it would be my fault. I have to deal with the same type of people as this “hotshot” on SoCal freeways. No thanks.

  2. Patti Farkas says:

    Yes, there were some cat tracks connecting runs, but what AMAZING scenery – vertiginous views of town!! Not to worry – videos do distort some aspects of proximity and speed. Love this feature of the newsletter.

  3. Bruce Lund says:

    You have a way of reviving many memories for me. I skied Telluride in 1998 with the Over The Hill Gang, an organization based in Colorado. I am sure Telluride has changed.. What I remember most is electing to fly into Telluride directly – it was an adventure, – – narrow, short runway. Would have been safer to fly into nearby Belmont. Had a great time at Telluride with John Connell, a fun loving-guitar playing guy who was the life of the party on many OTHG trips. I loved Telluride even then!!!

    • John Maerzke says:

      How pleasant to see John Connell mentioned. I enjoyed a sing-along evening with him at Vail on an OTHG trip in 2001.

  4. Daryl Carpenter says:

    Agree with Michelle, hotdogging like that isn’t enjoyable to watch, A slower pace with a few stops for enjoying the scenery more my style, and way past black trails with two new knees and stiff shoulder… to each his own!

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