Idiot’s Delight, Fun Bubble and Crisis.

[Editor Note: Last week, we launched Don Burch’s Trail Name series with a round-up of trail names from resorts in California.  This week, we move to Michigan. If you have some trail names that stick in your memory, please let us know in the comments section below.]

Look at some resort maps and you’ll find some very creative trail names. Among resorts in Michigan, I found some gems. Making the top ten are Idiot’s Delight at Boyne Mountain, Fun Bubble at Marquette Mountain and Crisis at Pine Knob.

Marquette Mountain has another trail in the top ten, Oh, Zone. Nub’s Knob also has two in the top ten; Hot Flash and Bark Eater (there is also a Bark Eater at New York’s Titus Mountain). Rounding out the list are Don’t Chute at Big Powderhorn, Coffin Canyon at Mt. Holly, Elf Buster at Schuss Mountain and Old Face Full at Treetops.

Michigan has a slew of great trail names making the Honorable Mentions list: At Alpine Valley there are Mineshaft and Hidden Splendor. At Big Powderhorn Crazy Trail and Vertical Drop make the list as do Lois Lane and Joust at Boyne Highlands. Big Snow has No Name Trail making the list which is also the name of a trail at California’s Mt. Waterman and New York’s Labrador Mountain.

Crystal Mountain has three trails on the Honorable Mentions list: Abbey Road, Penny Lane and Giggles. Mountain Slayer Chute at Caberfae and both Old School and Bear Trap at Cannonsburg are also noteworthy (there is also a Bear Trap at Vermont’s Mount Snow).

Bonsai and The Sweet Spot at Mount Ripley, Mogul Mania at Mt. Holly, Chicken Chute at Brighton, Kingdom Come at Schuss Mountain, Whitewater at Ski Brule and Boneyard at Marquette Mountain round out the list ( there is also a Boneyard at Dodge Ridge in California).

Mount Bohemia deserves its own paragraph for the number of creative trail names at the resort. These include Cursing Werewolf, Thirsty Vampire, Hungry Vulture and Wacky Jackrabbit. Not to be overlooked are Dynamite Blast, Forbidden Cliffs and Ghost Trail.

A final note about the popularity of skiing in Michigan: Michigan ranks number two as the state with the most ski resorts (42). It is only surpassed by New York with 48. Tied for third are Colorado and Wisconsin each with 30 (based on 2015-16 data from

Do you have a favorite trail name that’s been overlooked? Please let us know in the comments section.

Mount Bohemia. Credit: Ramada Hancock



  1. Robert Kutter says:

    Worm gear and Hawaiian Cruise are two from Andes Tower Hills in Minnesota.

  2. Roger B Monty says:

    Sugarloaf, ME: “Bubblecuffer”; “Widowmaker” (from the local logging culture?)… Mammoth, CA: Test your mettle on “Hangman’s Hollow”, “Paranoid Flats”, or “Huevos Grande”… Squaw Valley, CA: If you are overly intimidated by the formidable steeps you see riding up the Headwall chair, head over to the gentler backside, and drop into “Chicken Bowl”.

  3. Michael Cahn says:

    One of my favorites is at Eldora Mtn. Resort just outside Boulder CO in Nederland. The run is SALTO MORTALE. Translation Death Leap. Definitely a fun run

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