“Start Slow And Taper Off.”

Keep your distance and take it easy, especially at one your first rides. Credit: Pat McCloskey

The ski season came to a screeching halt as most of us are now staying inside with some socially distanced outings.  As I look back on this shortened season, I can take heart in the fact that I made the most of it before cancelling my last trip.  Skied a lot in the rain locally, dropped some of the Daly Chutes in Deer Valley, and had a great time skiing with my wife and our dear friends out there in Utah.  Skied some great conditions again  locally and was looking forward to another trip with the guys this time and —voila!  Covid -19.  So, for me, I  sharpened and waxed the skis and put them away for another year and look forward to some dry trail time on the mountain bike. 

The good thing about transition time for us seniors is that we can go about it slowly.  We have paid our dues, and those of us who rode over the winter have a good base already on which to build. I have a friend who has a great saying when asked about how he will start his rides.  He smiles and says, “Start slow and taper off”.  We all laugh at this and have made it our motto, but, really, there is some truth to this especially in the spring.  There is no reason to be a world beater when it is still early. Like anything—running, gym work, or any other springtime resolution—if you start too fast or go too hard, you will most likely quit.  Especially if you are new to the sport or perhaps have not done your homework over the winter.  If you approach Spring with the idea that you will start slowly, each day becomes more and more enjoyable as you build your fitness. 

This social distance deal is a bit confining, so it is important to safely get outside and get some fresh air.  You can still build your fitness for the summer in a socially responsible way. For me, I look for trails that I know will not be crowded.  I went out yesterday, for instance, and saw two ladies on horseback—(seniors actually), and a family of hikers.  That was it. 

It was a warm and sunny day, and I felt good getting out under the socially correct protocol.  Eventually, we will be able to regroup with our friends and life will move on. 

For the moment, if you do venture out of your home, avoid the parks, and crowded trails and seek some solace in the more remote places.  A mountain bike is good for that, and, if you take it easy, you will find that you feel good getting out and not killing yourself.  I always say to my friends, “Nobody here is going to the Olympics so slow down.” We will all get through this.  Better times ahead but now is the time to be responsible and “Start slow and taper off.” 

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  1. I can’t wait to get my first trail bike! I think it will be a fun way to keep my “ski legs” in shape.

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