Other than warmth and comfort, the two big boot issues as we age are getting them on in the morning and off at the end of the day. If your home is slopeside, it may not be so much of a problem, but for those of us who boot up or off in lodge or lot, it can be a struggle.

Here are two reasonably-priced products that solve those boot problems. If you’re looking for a different kind of gift for older skiers on your list, both will last longer and be far more appreciated than a tie, a mug, or a fifth.

Several years ago, I learned about DeBooter, the ski boot jack that helps remove boots fast and smoothly. It is a must-have device for every older skier who has struggled with end-of-day boot removal. DeBooter is an advertiser and gives SeniorsSkiing.com readers a 20% discount off the list price of $39.95. I carry one in my car and loan it generously to appreciative neighbors in the parking lot. A few friends tell me that their grandkids love to take their boots off using DeBooter.

More recently, I came across The Bootster, a well-designed compact device that simplifies getting into your ski boots. It incorporates a piece of slick material that allows the heel to slide easily into the boot. I’ve tried it with cold boots, and my foot slipped in with virtually no effort — a far cry from the discomfort of corkscrewing foot and ankle into that stiff chamber. I generally keep my boots on at lunch, but many older skiers prefer to remove theirs. Among the benefits of The Bootster is how well it fits in parka pocket, so it can be used as needed. The Bootster recently started to advertise. It costs $25.00.


  1. De booter is slick
    A boot jack from Walmart is as good: $10.00

  2. Thomas Saddlemire says:

    For the best possible experience putting boots on , check out the
    Hot Gear boot bag . Warms the plastic so sliding foot into warm
    boot each morning is actually a pleasure !

  3. I Looked for The Booster online and found a strop to tie on boots. Whare is thi Booster to be found?

  4. Lorena Horton says:

    I bought the Debooter for $50.00. It does not work for me, I put it down on the snow, put the heel in, the plastic Debooter starts sliding on the snow. If I stand up can’t get the pressure to lift foot out. I do have two new strong knee replacement which helps. Try it out at the store before you buy?


    What is the discount code to use to get the 20% discount on the Debooter?

  6. Nice to see innovations for senior skiers !
    As a Lange ski boot sales rep at in the early 1970’s, in cold eastern Canada , I had many experiences with customers with COLD LANGE boots, both getting them on and off.
    I now use a heated boot bag to carry my boots and gear. Put all your gear in it and plug it into the house outlet a minimum of 30 minutes before you leave, and then plug it into the lighter outlet inside the car. Arrive in the parking lot, and put on warm FLEXIBLE boots, gloves, helmet and goggles.

    A cold boot removal idea. If convenient, while in the parking lot, put your shoes, on the snow beside your skis sitting side by side.
    While standing with your ski boots still on, put the boots IN YOUR SKI BINDINGS, and then undo ALL the buckles on both boots,
    One at a time, push one knee forward towards the tip of the ski,and the ski slides back slightly. Your heel will lift out of the cold boot easily. Put on a shoe, and do the same with the other foot.
    Voila !! French, for, I hope it works as well for you, as it does for me.

  7. I have always had trouble putting on my boots. First, I have Technica boots that I can hook up to warm them over night. I then apply “Slide on” spray and I have no trouble putting on my boots. Slide on is available at most/many ski shops, retail $14.95.

  8. I have Technica boots which I can plug in over night to dry them out. In the morning I apply “Slide On” spray and am easily able to slide my boots on. “Slide On’ is available, I believe, at many ski shops, retail $14.95.

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