You Think You’ve Been Around Snow Sports For A While, Eh? See How Many You Get Right.

  1. Milk Run

a. Ski trail with lots of slush

b. Off-season mountain bike race on ski trails

c. Trail full of slow skiers

d. First run of the day


2. Chatter

a. Noisy lodge

b. Excessive talking on chairlift

c. Squeaky noises from a lift

d. Excessive ski vibration

3. Death Cookies

a. Double stuffed Oreos

b. Cookie-sized ice chunks on a trail

c. Day-old cookies

d. Deep fried cookies

4. Planker

a. Skier who is stays in one spot oblivious that the lift line is moving

b. Someone who falls and can’t get up

c. A skier

d. Someone struggling to get into their bindings

5. Lunch Tray

a. Oversized plate of food

b. Snowboard

c. Device for carrying food in a cafeteria

d. Chairlift chair

6. Blue Run

a. An intermediate trail

b. A run so bad it’s depressing

c. Trail with a stream of melting snow

d. Trail with active snow making

  1. Balaclava

a. Greek desert

b. Tyrolean hat

c. Facemask

d. Dangerous intersecting trails




8. Six Pack

a. Chairlift seating six

b. Parents skiing with young children

c. Group of wild snowboarders. As in, “Look out, here comes a six pack.”

d. Wannabe skier’s lunch

9. Fart Bag

a. Senior skier

b. One piece ski suit

c. Smelly bubble chair

d. Porta Potty at base of remote lift

10. Magic Carpet

a. Easy slope

b. Slang for marijuana

c. Untracked powder

d. Conveyor belt-type lift


1d, 2d, 3b, 4c, 5b, 6a, 7c, 8a, 9b, 10d

Do you have some favorite ski slang? Share it with us in the comments section.


  1. Love this… I got 100% – woot woot! My personal fave = the fart bag, which is now trendy again, wish I hadn’t brought my onesie to Goodwill!

  2. Cathy Meyer says:

    How about sun cups, mashed potatoes, bluebird day, schuss, gelandesprung, wedeln?

  3. Mike Dowling says:

    yard sale, spread eagle, schuss, boiler plate

  4. art roerink says:

    great quiz, but you missed “YARD SALE”, BARK SANDWICH, SNOW SNAKES, AND BACK SEAT??

  5. Normand L Reynolds says:

    Faceplant, sitzmark

  6. David Berkey says:

    Love the additional ski terms submitted. Another: “Knuckle Dragger” = Snowboarder (needs to be said with humor). I do both, certified PSIA A3, S1, CS1, Trainer.

  7. An old term- cheaters.

  8. Kelli Majiros says:

    Lol! Love these and got a couple wrong! Also love the additional ones in the comments! Anyone still have a skigee? I do, and it’s definitely better for my goggles than my ski pass when my goggles ice over 😉

  9. This made me laugh. Here’s another

  10. Thanks for the replies. Looks like I should write another quiz. BTW, what is a bark sandwich?

  11. “New England Powder”

  12. A “bark sandwich” must be what you get when you screw up in the trees.
    How about Blue Ice, Bota Bag Bomber, Dump and Ski Bunny.

    “Milk Run” takes me back to days with my late dad at Mad River Glen. He was always trying to get on the chair right behind the guy who brought supplies like milk to the top “lodge” on the single chair.

  13. Dr. Gretchen Rous Besser says:

    Don’t forget “turkey” and “sweep.”

  14. David Jacque says:

    Cathy — fill us 57-year-old noobies in:

    “sun cups, mashed potatoes, bluebird day, schuss, gelandesprung, wedeln”

    “Bluebird Day” I can guess at.

  15. David Jacque says:

    OK, Dr. Gretchen – “turkey” and “sweep” too.

  16. Thomas Walker says:

    Mashed potatoes – sloppy spring snow; Gelandesprung – literally “terrain jump.” It has come to mean alpine (as opposed to Nordic) ski jumping; wedeln (pronounced “vedelin”) – short swing; turkey – a not so hot skier, especially to someone working at a ski resort; sweep – the patrol’s last run to make sure nobody is left stranded on the hill after it closes.

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