There’s Been A Big Change In How SeniorsSkiing.Com Subscribers Can Access Discounts From Experticity.

When was launched, we made an arrangement with to offer discounts to our readers.  There was no cost involved, readers who subscribed signed up with Promotive using a code provided and enjoyed the same kind of discounts offered to professional racers, teams, coaches, instructors, etc.

Promotive merged with Experticity, another discount gateway website. Experticity promises the vendors that list their products on its site that people who have access are bona fide members of a professional group of some kind to earn the offered discounts. When Experticity looked at our list of subscribers, they had no way to tell who was a pro and who was a committed amateur without industry standing.  So, the rules of access to Experticity have changed.

If you are already signed up with Experticity, you will still have access to the site up to the anniversary date of your initial sign up.  After your anniversary date of your sign up passes, you will be asked to re-apply using the application process below.

If you are new to and are signing up with Experticity for the first time, you have to follow the new application process.

The new application process requires you to enter the code provided by Experticity which you can find in our Subscriber-Only Content area under Community in the top blue menu. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and verify your status by submitting some type of evidence.

Here’s the application form.

If you have any questions about any of this, please call Experticity at 866-376-4685 or email at [email protected].


  1. Gerald Kadish says:

    Trips out west or Italy

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Gerald: If you’re looking for ski trips, we suggest you connect with 70+ Ski A fantastic organization that arranges ski trips for seniors in the US and Europe. Click on banner link on our home page and tell ’em we sent you.

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