Here’s A Top-To-Bottom Video Of A Run At Nax.

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This is a Go-Pro video we found on YouTube.  It’s shot at Nax ski resort in Switzerland, a charming ski village in Valais, overlooking Val de Herens. It’s an intermediate-type area with moderate runs, one of the many small-ish areas found throughout Europe.

The video is eight and a half minutes long. From the top of the lift to the bottom.

What do you think? Is the skier making any turns here? Does this look like a safe run? What do you think of the terrain? The snow conditions?  Do you come away from this video with a good feeling?

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  1. Seems like a lovely run but a boring video! I didn’t learn anything from it nor was it particularly interesting!

  2. Not a good feeling watching the speed he is going while passing other skiers, some looking like beginners, and not signaling he is passing. Easy smooth groomed terrain, and perhaps he is very familiar w the trail to go at such speed.

  3. Brenda A Engelhardt says:

    This video shows a skier that simply wanted to get down quickly. The video shows a straight line descent (he is parallel with the snow bank to his right)
    There are “near misses” with other skiers as he passes quckly dodging in between slower skiers. The video showed children. Such hills have skiiers that are not able to ski and turn quickly if an out of control skiier heads toward them. This video reminds me of the many times I have seen a skier crouch at the top of the mountain and jet down in a straight line. I ask – is this truly skiing?

  4. Thanks for the ride!! Beautiful! I’m fighting stage 4 lung cancer and am getting a knee replacement in a few weeks…you have no idea how much your video meant to me! Praying to get back out there soon!! ⛷ Cindy

  5. This is too dangerous for the other skiers that he passes. They are novices and shouldn’t be put in this position. This type of “downhill” skiing should be forbidden on novice runs and preferable limited to a race course. If he wanted a real challenge he would have gone off piste.

  6. Looks like the bad out takes from Downhill Racer. Endangering others is no fun to watch. The only thing missing is the skier being nabbed by Ski Patrol for skiing recklessly. Not a feel good video but an all to common sight everywhere. Where has the Skiers Code gone?

  7. Bruce Boeder says:

    First, note that the speeds are in KPH, not MPH. So two thirds roughly.
    Also realize that videos such as this don’t necessarily show perspective
    The run appears to be a blue or more likely lower blue run. Yes, it is boring and he’s essentially straight lining but I fail to see how this is dangerous. I did find myself thinking “when is he going to turn off and do some real skiing!?”

    • Gerry Weingartner says:

      Exactly my thoughts! I thought the run was pretty boring and kept waiting for the skier to take off into the looser snow on the sides and do some skiing. I did not feel his skiing was dangerous but the skier coming onto the trail and not looking was a problem.

    • Edward Cohen says:

      Yes. I’d have been in the “crud”. That’s my favorite.

  8. Got to agree with Lou and Vic. No regard for others on the trail. Will hit someone-not if but when

  9. Michael S. Feldman says:

    I found the video hard to watch
    Personally, I like slightly wider trails
    Way too fast, a menace on the slope
    With inexperienced skiers in front of you
    its always a risk they’ll do something

  10. I’d say the purpose of the video is to show the run and part of the resort rather than any particular style and seeing it’s quite long, would get boring quickly if it was too slow but I have filmed with a GoPro and people do seem closer than they actually are, so the skier is probably keeping a reasonable distance. Seems like a nice intermediate run, nothing too difficult. Thanks for the post!

  11. I hope I never encounter this guy on any hills that I’m on, especially on narrrow trails like this. However, a fun video to watch. Glad he made it to the bottom without crashing into any of those snowplowing kids.

  12. Michele Jacquin says:

    Exactly what I experienced skiing on Monte Rosa in Ayas, Val d Aosta, Italy:

    Off piste open bowls ok but intermediate trails through trees WAY too narrow and filled with irresponsible jerks skiing way too fast next to beginners and kids.

    Reminded me of nightime on LA freeways, Yikes.

    Give me the open bowls of the western USA any day. (except for the food).

  13. Elaine Christie says:

    How do I count what is wrong with run?
    – too fast for this terrain
    – at no time did he respect the downhill skier’s right of way by slowing as he approached, particularly children and less skilled skiers
    – too fast going into mid-station where people were congregating
    – did not slow when he entered the clouds
    – took a blind corner on the inside of the curve at same speed where he could not have seen any stopped on slow skiing skier
    – the shadow showed that while he did do a little movement to slightly alter his direction of travel, he only really turned his feet when trained forced him to
    – would have startled any number of the skiers he passed closely and/or squeezed between skier and group standing on the side of the hill which can lead to falls or crashes

    I apologize for the masculine pronoun used, but odds are that the skier is male and will eventually hurt himself or someone else.

  14. Richard Kavey says:

    While the speeds were not excessive for an accomplished skier there are no pictures of the skier so we can only guess at his ability. The skiers judgment requires no guessing: his rapid overtaking of other skiers is dangerous – he dies not give them enough room and is frequently passing on a guess. The fact that the skier only turns when the trail turns suggests he doesn’t turn well. Turning is fun. Skidding is not. The greatest risk of a collision occurred when an off piste skier blindly skis back onto the piste just missing Downhill Dick.

  15. Richard Kavey says:

    Forgot to add one more important offense common to many. Our Downhill Dick came into the lift line at 20 mph. This is extremely poor judgement and very dangerous.

  16. Yvette Cardozo says:

    Would have been fine…if there hadn’t been so many novice and low intermediate skiers in his path. Positively frightening how close he came to so many of them. I didn’t see a single other skier going as fast as him (yes, I’m assuming that was a guy and probably young). That was totally irresponsible skiing and I kept hoping the patrol would pull him over. The mph, btw, was visible in the lower left, so no need to do math in your head from kph. All this brought back frightening memories of my novice days on N. Carolina ski slopes where guys of questionable skill would crouch with their asses in the air and head down w/o making a single turn. I was nearly taken out more than once.

  17. The skier seemed to slow down for others -sometimes! However too many close calls for comfort. The skiers shadow showed that the upper body was used to slight changes of direction. It also showed inclination but no angulation suggesting little or none of the control required for travelling at speed

  18. Patti Farkas says:

    Beautiful run! Good views of the surrounding scenery and charming small lodge. Speed shown was in kilometers and so not too fast. How does anyone know he didn’t warn skiers he was overtaking, without any audio? Of course he was making nice relaxed turns – you can see this in shots showing his shadow. His distance from skiers he was passing looked to be reasonable to me. Geez, people, just because we get old we don’t have to become super-cautious ninnies constantly on the lookout for non-existent dangers! Snow condition looked good, but not enough grooming for me – I’m definitely an American corduroy queen.

    • Yvette Cardozo says:

      To me, he came frightening close to several people. And was fast enough that a novice or low intermediate (which many of those folks appeared to be) couldn’t have reacted in time. I know I wouldn’t have been able to at that point in my skill. I’m not too old…I just have a very good memory as I didn’t really get serious about skiing till my 40s.

  19. Jack Shipley says:

    If I had been working Ski Patrol that day, I would have yanked that guy’s ticket and kicked him out of Nax for the rest of the season. There’s no excuse for that kind of speed on a blue run with other skiers of varying abilities wandering around. Painful to watch.

  20. Looks like drone footage to me.
    Possibly tweaked drone footage.
    Good job by the drone operator tho.

  21. Beautiful run. How could you not have a good feeling from watching this video? I thought his speed seemed pretty relaxed and was definitely giving reasonable space as he went around folks. I rue kamikaze skiers as much as anyone but this wasn’t one of them. I miss skiing in Switzerland, can’t wait to get back. I’ve never skied Nax but this was a very good representation of the typical kind of runs you find throughout Switzerland. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I wonder if the skier got hoarse yelling “on your right” – “SUR VOTRE DROITE!” for 8 & 1/2 minutes?!? ;-> Except for the game of ‘dodgems,’ I enjoyed being whisked out of my city apt and into the Swiss Alps. Reminded me of what I experienced in European skiing: vast open bowls eventually ending in narrow, icy runs with death-defying curves (& actual nets to catch skiers who just can’t make those turns). That said, I enjoyed the European mountains & ambiance (& food!), but I DID have to ski a bit more ‘defensively’ than I do in the U.S. Thanks for the video!

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