66th Ski Film Is Designed To Inspire For The Upcoming Season.

The view from the top of the world is pretty impressive in Warren Miller's new flick: Chasing Shadows Credit: Warren Miller Entertainment
The view from the top of the world is pretty impressive in Warren Miller’s new flick: Chasing Shadows
Credit: Warren Miller Entertainment

Warren Miller created the ski movie genre.  We remember the days when Warren’s movies included surfer music, sight gags and a narrator (was that Warren himself?) wise-cracking about how skiers would do almost anything to get on the mountain, including forgetting to mow their lawns (think Southern California).

Now, Warren Miller Entertainment produces a knock-out ski documentary/art/thrill film around this time every year; it has become the most predictable harbinger of the upcoming winter season.  “Chasing Shadows” is this year’s offering.  It will be playing around the country starting in late Sept.  The cast features athletes from basically corner of the sport. And the scenes of mountains around the world are stunning.

For information about where to view “Chasing Shadows”, click here.  Go and get inspired.  Check out the trailer below. Pretty impressive.

Rob Kingwill – Seth Wescott – Chris Anthony – Rachael Burks – Sho Kashima – Hannah Kearney Jonny Moseley – K.C. Oakley – Dylan Walczyk – Caroline Gleich – Jeremy Jensen – Steven Nyman – Matt Philippi – Ian Provo – Neil Provo – Lexi duPont – Amie Engerbretson – McKenna Peterson – Øystein Aasheim – Marcus Caston – Kaylin Richardson – Espen Fadnes – JT Holmes – Ian McIntosh – Ingrid Backstrom – Sage Cattabriga-Alosa – Mark Abma – Rory Bushfield – Chris Benchetler – Pep Fujas – Eric Pollard

Nepal – Colorado – Wyoming – Utah – Alaska – France – Chile – Italy – Japan – Switzerland



  1. Hey Mike…Warnie was not the guy to created the travel-ski film lecture biz. John Jay preceded him by almost ten years.
    But where is he now?
    Exciting stuff, n’est-ce pas”?
    Be well, ski fast, live safely.

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