More Layering Advice, Finding Ski Buddies, And A New X-C Leader Emerges.

Just to get the mind ready, here’s a micro video clip of our friend’s son, Chris Thomas, doing the powder at Steamboat last spring. Hang on folks we are almost there.

Now is the time of the year to be browsing through the ski magazines and websites for new gear and clothing.  As we have learned, it pays to be knowledgable about the new kinds of clothing available for outdoor activity.  So, tossing on your old waffle-weave long underwear isn’t good enough anymore.  We learned the hard way on an insanely freezing day in Quebec when we clearly overdressed and chilled throughly through and through.  Pay attention to Vy E.’s update on layering.  He’s got some insight into how to do it right.

We are constantly asked by our readers where they find ski buddies.  One very clear finding of our Spring Survey 2016 is that senior skiers want to find others to ski with.  We have several ideas for how to connect with like-minded seniors in this week’s article.  We hope to hear from you about your advice, too.  And please use our Forum—’s message board—as a way to get in touch with others.

Finally, this week we salute the new Executive Director of the Cross Country Ski Areas Association, Reese Brown. As a new Snow Sports Leader, Reese is poised to make an impact on the cross country world.  We know that many of our readers love to go gliding through hills and dales on snow shoes and cross country skis.  It’s accessible, affordable, and incredibly healthy for our demographic.  Reese is rejuvenating CCSAA’s programs and services to the cross country industry.  We look forward to hearing about changes throughout the season.

Coming Up

As we mentioned last week, we are busy at a redesign of our online magazine. We are also planning a very special bonus to our readers: Recommendations for skis that are most suitable for seniors. All of this is in the works and coming soon.

And remember, tell your friends about  There are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.

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