V for Vail, Vandals, Volcanoes…and Vacation!!!!

Volcano on Chile's Nevado de Chillan Ski Resort

This week we report on V‘s: Vail (purchasing WhistlerBlackcomb), Vandals (destroying the world’s oldest skier image), and Volcanoes (erupting in Chile’s Nevado de Chillan ski resort). We figure it’s an appropriate use of the alphabet, since both Mike and I are taking Vacations next week. He’s with family on Prince Edward Island. My wife and I will be on a road trip to Colorado’s Western Slope, hiking, soaking in hot springs, taking it easy.

Out of respect to the adjacent letter, “W,” we’re including a quirky video from Whakappa in New Zealand. If you’re in a hot and humid place, watch it. You’ll shiver!

If you’re contemplating purchasing a season pass, now is the time to do it. The cost of resort and multiple resort passes generally increases after Labor Day. Some resorts, like Snowbird, include a variety of goodies for early purchasers.

SeniorsSkiing is taking a break next week — our first since we started publishing in 2014. We’ll have some interesting and exciting developments to share as we approach the 2016-17 season. More on those when we return August 26!

In the meanwhile, keep doing what you do to condition for Winter. It’s going to be a great season for older skiers. There are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away!

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