Checking The Winter Forecast, Mom-And-Pop: Is Smaller Better?, Editorial: Is Bigger Better?, Silly Falls On Video, Alta GM Retires.

Small is better? Accessible, economical, family-friendly, local ski areas have a community feeling.
Credit: Ski Sundown

This week, a mini-theme has emerged from two of our articles.  We have a piece from new contributor Don Burch, who makes the case for the local ski area. Basically, he says, it’s inexpensive, accessible, manageable, and more intimate (think community) than big resorts. Certainly true in our experience.

And, we opine in a editorial on the acquisitions that have rocked the ski industry this month: Vail and Aspen scooping up properties all over the map.  Will those resorts maintain their attractiveness to seniors? Will discounts still be offered in a corporate pricing environment?

Put these two thoughts together, and you can see a future where seniors are literally drawn into second-tier resorts where amenities, discounts and friends can be readily found. Big resorts, maybe not so much. We’d like your reactions to these big changes in resort ownership.

Temperature: Forecast vs Actual, 2016-17
Credit: NOAA

We also thought it was time to go back to the NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for the 2016-17 Winter to see how well it held up.  Hint: California was the spoiler, but you knew that.

A tip of the ski pole to Alta GM Onno Wieringa who is retiring after an entire career at the area.

Finally, we have a short video clip of classic flops and flips.  We know it’s not polite to laugh at other people’s misfortunes on skis, but these are quite funny, nevertheless.  Enjoy.

We are moving slowly but surely to spring.  We have heard there is a resort in the Sierra that plans to stay open all year.  How about that?  Would you ski in August?

We’re developing our Spring Survey 2017, and you will be hearing more about that next week.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading, tell your friends, and, remember, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.



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