Tai Chi for Aches and Pains. Storing Your Skis. Cycling Crater Lake NP. Ski History Week in Aspen. Abstract Art on Skis. New Sticker.

Ready for something different? Ethereal visual images from Nicole Vuignier.
Ready for something different? Ethereal visual images from Nicole Vuignier.

How about those wet dumps this past week? Hope you got out to play. The season is definitely winding down. Time to transition into non-snow activities. Be sure to use your ProMotive site privilege to gain deep discounts on all kinds of outdoors clothing and gear. It’s one of the many benefits of subscribing to SeniorsSkiing.com.

Long before hot tubs and saunas, people of all ages were overcoming soreness and pain by practicing Tai Chi. As explained by longtime racer and Tai Chi practitioner Tommy Kirchhoff, this ancient Chinese procedure stretches the body, promotes self-healing, and is easy to do. Check out the short instructional video.

Be sure to read SkiDiva‘s account of putting your skis to bed until next season. If you want them to wake from their beauty sleep and ready to perform, follow the advice.

Oregon’s Crater Lake is a thing of beauty. So is John Nelson’s account of cycling its perimeter last fall. He’ll get you thinking about booking your own trip to this National Park classic, and he provides all the details to get it organized.

Like many readers, Jan Brunvand is a fan of skiing history. He reports on the recent annual gathering of the International Skiing History Association in Aspen.

Finally, art takes on many forms. Click on the video of skiers painting the slopes in abstraction. It’s a treat.

Our new SeniorsSkiing.com stickers just arrived. Send us a self-addressed, postage paid envelope, and we’ll send you a few. The address: SeniorsSkiing, Box 416, Hamilton, MA 01936.

Continue to visit SeniorsSkiing.com during the off-season. You’ll be rewarded with more great content about the active outdoor lifestyle. Next week we’ll feature a report on beautiful (but unknown) SilverStar in British Columbia, a new installment in the Cycling series, and a piece on the basics of fly fishing.

Stay healthy and stay active. There are more seniors everyday, and we aren’t going away.

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