Summer Rounds The Far Turn.

We’ve heard there were snow falls in this mid-August in the Rockies.  Big snowfalls.  And the venerable Farmers’ Almanac, predicting the weather using its own mix of folk lore and natural observations for 200 years, has forecast a “snowier-than-normal” 2017-18 winter for the Northeast from the mid-Atlantic to the Canadian border.  The FA has even “red-flagged” five time periods for heavy precipitation along the Atlantic Seaboard: Jan. 20-23; Feb. 4-7, 16-19; and March 1-3, 20-23. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.  Here’s the forecast map that the folksy publication has recently produced.

Meanwhile, the hurricane watchers have upped the number of named storms to expect for the remainder of the June-Oct season.  Clearly the atmosphere is very active. And, we are watching the El Nino-La Nina reports from the National Weather Service.  It seems incredible but the temperature of the sea surface water in the eastern Pacific plays a vital role in forming weather patterns around the world.

We are still in summer publishing mode, issuing a edition every other week.  This week, we are reaching back to the archives for some interesting and amusing articles.

We are reprising Harriet Wallis’ article on her adventures as a ski thief.  An innocent ski thief we hasten to add.

We are also re-publishing an article about the songs of skiing which we originally published in August, 2014, exactly three years ago.  It’s a micro-thesis on the emergence of ski songs in the 50-60s including some samples you can listen to. We’ve been wondering where the new ski songs are.  Know any? Have fun with this.

We are still figuring out the changes in our arrangement with Experticity.  If you have access to the site as a subscriber now, you will continue to have access until the anniversary date of your original sign up.  Then you will be asked to re-apply for access.  New subscribers who want access to Experticity will have to go through the new application process.We are trying to understand what that re-application process entails. So please be patient.

Enjoy the rest of August.  Wear sun screen and remember there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.


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  1. erica poseley says:

    Is there a group of members skiing at Northstar ?I would like to meet people to ski with this next season. Thank you, Erica

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