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Here’s a strange stat from the National Weather Service:  There has been snow cover in every state this fall, and we are days away from the start of winter. That includes Hawaii and Florida. Remember, the La Nina forecast for winter includes colder and wetter in northern latitudes and warmer and average precip to the south.  Clearly, there are some anomalies in the weather pattern, an ongoing theme reflecting odd weather around the globe. Thanks again, to Snowbrains.com for bringing this up.

Holiday Gift Corner: Still Time!

Holidays are around the corner, and if you look back on the past couple of months of SeniorsSkiing.com, you will find some unusual gift suggestions for your snow-loving family and friends.  There is still time for last minute stocking stuffers. For your convenience, here are some links to those gift ideas:

We love our Buffalo socks; warm, thick, soft.  Nice to sleep in on cold nights.

Retro Togs

Even retro ski poles…

Moriarty hats, knickers, pegged ski pants, onesie ski suits, it’s all hiding out there somewhere.

We hope to have a bit of fun publishing our readers wearing some retro snow clothing.  We have some examples of old stuff found in the bottoms of trunks and storage bins that are still useful and, amazingly, still fit.  Check out out collection, get inspired, and reach for that wool sweater.  Take a pic and send to us!

Send to [email protected] (.jpeg, .png) with a short blurb. We’ll collect a bunch and publish them from time to time.

Stories This Week

Correspondent Jan Brunvand offers 10 good reasons for being a senior skier. Fun ideas.  What are your reasons?

Steve Hines discovers Urban Wildernesses, wild areas often in the middle of cities, or very close to urban centers.  Depending on where these are located, they can be excellent spots for cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, fat-biking.  More about fat-biking in winter in a later story.  It’s actually a growing sport that we will be exploring.

Welcome New AARP Subscribers, Boot Recommendations ARE IN

And a hearty welcome to our many new subscribers who found us through AARP. Look through our archives; we have more than 750 stories to peruse.  Check out our Subscriber-Only Content.  If you have any questions, write to us at [email protected].  Comment on our stories, send us story ideas.  And tell your friends about us.

Check the hot-off-the-press Boot Recommendations for Seniors under the Subscriber-Only Content menu.

There are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away!



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