Free Magazine Subscriptions For Readers, Tale Of The Yellow Suit, Choosing A Condo Rental, More Gifts For Seniors, A Funny Remembered Incident.

Alberto Varagas illustration from WWII honoring ski troops.

This week is a special time of the year for those of us who are Baby Boomers or, more likely, pre-Baby Boomers. When we were growing up, Pearl Harbor Day was more than a mention in the newspapers. Like the attacks on Sept. 11, Pearl Harbor Day was a day of remembering how everything changed.

To commemorate this auspicious date, we’re publishing this voluptuous image from Alberto Varagas, honoring ski troops from WWII. This appeared some time during the war. You don’t see booties like those much anymore. Thanks, Cathy.

We have some more good news for our subscribers this week.  We are always looking for ways to bring value to our readers.  We’ve worked with two magazine publishers to bring free subscriptions to you guys.  You can get a one-year free subscription to both SKI magazine and SKI HISTORY magazine just by following the links in Jon’s article.

These two benefits add to the list of free skiing for seniors, the ski recommendations, Experticity discounts for those who qualify, and free historic ski posters.  All of these are available for subscribers only.  Look under the Subscribers-Only Content box at the top or under the COMMUNITY > Subscriber-Only Content pics.

Bill skiing Park City on his 80th.

Reader Bill Emerson submitted a nice story about his yellow ski suit which has been with him for quite a while. We’re collecting stories about retro clothing, parkas, hats, sweaters, etc., from yesteryear that are still useful.  If you have something really old that you are still using, send us a picture of you with your relic. We’ll assemble a bunch of these and see what happens.

Correspondent and real estate agent Joan Wallen offers some advice on how to rent a condo that fits your needs.  This is the first part of a two-part article; next time, she’ll be talking about how to buy a ski condo.

Correspondent Don Burch read Harriet Wallis’ article on Lift Maintenance 101 which triggered the memory of a funny incident when he was a young man working lifts.  Here’s his story.

Speaking of Harriet, this week she offers some accessible, sensible, and really desirable gift ideas for seniors.  Plenty of time for shopping, right?

Finally, we have to send our best wishes and hopes to those friends and folks in the LA area who are dealing with wildfires and Santa Ana winds. Wide awake out there.

Next week, we should have some news about boot recommendations for seniors, another value-add feature of  Please tell your friends about our online magazine.  There are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.





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