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A Message To Our Subscribers

It’s been a busy week at headquarters. Not only is the ski season ramping up everywhere, the holiday gift rush in acceleration mode.  And we have some great news for our subscribers.

As you may be aware, has created a number of free and valuable benefits for our subscribers.  These include:

  • Skis recommended for seniors, developed in collaboration with
  • Ski resorts in North America where seniors can ski for free, developed with the help and support of the National Ski Areas Association.
  • Discounts and really great deals on top brands from Experticity which has created a special “team” just for our subscribers.
  • A 16-page eBook collection of historic ski posters, compiled with the International Ski History Museum.

Up till now, these were offered as exclusive downloads to new subscribers when they received their welcome email, the final step in the subscription process. We couldn’t put these on the magazine’s site because they were meant for subscribers only, and we didn’t have a “firewall”.

But many subscribers either missed or lost the email, forgot to download the special content offerings or just didn’t know we had these benefits available.  So, we had to respond to many individual requests from existing subscribers to send these offerings well after they subscribed because they were intentionally not on the site.

Over the past months, we’ve worked with our technical consultant—the wonderful Alice Winthrop of Gatehouse Web Design—to develop a way for our special content to reside on the site without the need for a username and password for subscribers. We don’t like passwords, and we bet neither do you.

Here’s the new pop-up to access Subscriber-Only Content. Only your email is necessary to enter.

The answer is simple.  We’ve created a Subscriber-Only Content area.  To access it, go to the top menu bar, click on COMMUNITY.  Under that, click on SUBSCRIBER-ONLY CONTENT.  Then, click the download you want.  You will see this pop-up appear that asks you to confirm your email address. Enter it, and you will get your download.

Bear in mind, this is brand new and we may have a few wrinkles.  Your patience is appreciated if you run into issues. Nevertheless, it is a huge step forward in getting our special offers and benefits into the hands of our readers.

Let us know what you think.





Gift Ideas For Senior Skiers

Also this week, co-publisher Jon Weisberg has an article in the Huffington Post with gift ideas for seniors that we think you’ll find interesting and…different.  Check it out.

Of course, for subscribers-only, you have access to serious discounts from many top brands through Experticity. All you have to do is register as a subscriber.  Those instructions can be found in our new Subscriber-Only Content area.

Document Your Season In A Photo Book

Utah-based correspondent Jan Brunvand advises us to start the season with the goal of producing a photo book of each day you head out either on slopes or trails.  He’s been creating a record of his season as a book for years.  Find out how easy it is to do.

Are SmartPhones The Ruination Of “Ski Talk”?

Correspondent Harriet Wallis has clearly drawn a line in the snow.  SmartPhones and skiing don’t mix.  She tells us about an incident where technology came between people, detracting from one of most pleasant aspects of snow sports.

Next Week

Interested in skiing with others?  The results of our Spring Survey 2016 revealed that many of our subscribers are looking for skiing companions.  We’ve been working with the National Ski Council Federation to show you how easy it is to connect with a ski club.

And much more news and interesting ideas.

Stick with us, tell your friends, share our online magazine, please.  And remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.

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