Fab Parka Deal, Pleasant Lake Placid Inn, DIY Teaching Part 3, Sundance Senior Group, How To Do Demos, And Industry News.

We finally have a blockbuster storm hitting the Northeast with big dimensions. Expecting 14+ from this one. This weekend will have fantastic skiing throughout the region.  Meanwhile, the West is getting yet more snow, but heavy and wet “cream cheese”-style, we are told.

This week we have something special for readers.  Co-Publisher Jon Weisberg reviews a “disruptive” ski parka from Orsden, a clothing manufacturer that sells its products exclusively online.  He loves Orsden’s Performance Ski Jacket. SeniorsSkiing.com readers can get a $50 discount on this one.  Read on.

Correspondent Joan Wallen spent a couple of tranquil days at Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, NY.  If you ever want to unplug, decelerate, and chill out, this could be your base.  Find out how winter relaxation looks in the heart of the Adirondacks.

Some resorts have a collection of senior skiers who bond, create a community and form lasting, welcoming friendships that last for years.  Correspondent Harriet Wallis tells us how the Sundance Senior Group share a passion for this beautiful resort where seniors can ski for $20!

Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, has been recognized
Credit: Joan Wallen

Finally, you’ve seen or heard about Demo Days at ski areas; the pop-up tents, the work benches, the logos on the vans, racks of skis, etc. But have you figured out how to participate?  Correspondent Val E. provides some excellent advice on how to step up and take part.  It’s really simple to borrow some new sticks for a couple of runs.

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Gorgeous view of Mt. Timpanogous, Sundance.
Credit: Harriet Wallis


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