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As you can see from our posts this week, SeniorsSkiing.com is launching an initiative for the next week or so to see if we can get support from our readers to cover the costs of producing this online magazine. We were inspired by the appeals The Guardian newspaper has made to its readers which also provides free access to editorial.

We don’t charge anything for subscribing to SeniorsSkiing.com, and we spend significant effort in gathering and curating our Subscriber Only Content like Where Seniors Can Ski Free and Boot and Ski Recommendations, Free Historic Poster Downloads and access to Experticity professional discounts.

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We’ve Been Skiing.

That’s Mt. Washington on bluebird day.

We are just back from a quick ski vacation in Northern New Hampshire. We had a day of weekend skiing at Cannon Mountain and blissful, mid-week skiing at nearby Bretton Woods where seniors can ski mid-week for $25. That ticket price was a magnet for seniors from near and far; the mid-week lodge was crowded with friendly, chatty seniors who all received a SeniorsSkiing.com sticker.  At least those in our corner of the lodge did.  Hi Sandy and Carol from Amesbury, and John and Barbara from Maryland!

Memorable Comments From The Week:

At the ticket window, we struggled to balance boot bag, ski bag, new ticket, wicket, and receipt, groaning slightly. A nice senior skier woman said, “At least you are still doing it.”  Well, trying.

Putting on boots with our Ski Boot Horn, a nearby senior chap settling down with all his gear: “The hardest part of all of this is getting from your car to the chairlift.”  True, when you think about it.

On the top of Mt. Rosebrook at Bretton Woods, trying to decide which trail to head down on a day when trail conditions were highly variable from trail to trail, a young skier advised us: “Pick one that works for you and stick with it.” We did, skiing beautifully groomed, wide, gentle, long, accessible Avalon, a very kind green that we fell in love with. Yes, a green.

Anyone Know The Story Behind This Picture?

The following picture is from the hallways of the Mittersill Mountain Resort near Cannon Mountain.  It is one of a series of a dozen similar images, all painted on wood veneer.  We think it is a scene from Austria circa late 1800s.  The resort staff didn’t know the provenance.  Anyone, anyone?

This Week

We have a story from co-publisher Jon Weisberg on his stay in luxury land at Vail. Correspondent Harriet Wallis provides two stories about George Jedenoff, who at 100 years old, skis at Alta.  One story is about George’s milestone event celebrated at the resort, the other is how Harriet struggled to cover him as he zipped up and down the hill.

We have another Mystery Glimpse with an Olympic theme. A little sleuthing should give you the answer to who won the medals depicted; there are plenty of clues.

Finally, Roger Lohr, publisher of XCSkiResorts.com, offers advice on when to take an XC lesson.

Thank you for reading SeniorsSkiing.com.  Please consider supporting us during this campaign. Remember, folks, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.

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