Mid-Winter Is Here, Re-Discover Snowshoes, New Mystery Glimpse, Steamboat Museum, SeniorsSkiing.com’s Own Poem, Tribute To Warren Miller.

By Ground Hog’s Day, winter is half over. As we have noted before, you’d better have at least half your woodpile left.  At least that’s if the Ground Hog sees another six weeks of winter ahead.  It could be another six weeks of blah which is what we are wondering when we saw the latest Climate Prediction Center’s projection for February, March, and April. Precipitation chart (left) shows above average of water falling in the upper midwest and west and a drier band along the southern border. Temperature chart (right) shows below average temps in the upper midwest and west and not so much along the southern border and New England. Bottom line: Canadian Rockies, Montana, parts of Idaho, Washington are looking good. As with most predictions, don’t bet your 401k on the outcome. [Click on maps for more detail.]







This Week

We returned from the Outdoor Retailers and Ski Industries America combined trade show in Denver with lots of ideas for SeniorsSkiing.com.  The vendors and retailers we met knew about our online magazine for senior snowssport enthusiasts and were very supportive of what we are trying to do for our readers. That felt very rewarding, indeed.

While at the show, we happened to meet a young poet selling poetry from a little hut on 14th in downtown Denver.  Here’s the story and “Knees”, the poem he wrote for senior skiers.

We noticed that snowshoes and snowshoeing had a noticeably big presence at the show. So, the article about snowshoes from correspondent Jonathan Wiesel is timely.  Snowshoes have indeed come a long way, and snowshoeing is a very spouse-friendly way to enjoy the winter.

Our Mystery Glimpse this week asks you to identify an event rather than a person.  There were fewer guesses about the previous week’s tennis playing ski racer.  Turns out, she was not only an Olympian, but a great humanitarian as well.

We love museums that celebrate snow sports.  Correspondent Tamsin Venn stopped by a classic in Steamboat Springs on a recent trip. Here’s her report on the unusually named Thread Of Pioneers Museum with some interesting archival pictures.

Finally, we found a fitting tribute to Warren Miller, who left us last week. There isn’t a person we know of a certain age who hasn’t been affected by Warren Miller’s films.

Coming Up

Next week, we’ll be exploring why you should consider taking XC lessons, more about what to put in the box in the back of your car, and other news.  Please note: We are working hard on our release of Ray Conrad’s The Cotton-Pickin’ Lift Tower.  We should be making that available to you very soon.

Thanks for reading SeniorsSkiing.com.  Tell your friends, and remember, there are more of us everyday and we aren’t going away.

Ski resort version of Ground Hog Day? Is the moose trying to tell us something?




  1. What a great weekly issue: from early Tucks to Warren Miller, true spokesperson for all senior skiers! Thanks, Alan

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