Vacation Week Snow In The Sierra and West, Ski Colorado E.D., K2 Pinnacle Review, 99 1/2 Ski Hero, Adieu SKIING Magazine, DIY Boot Horn, Idaho’s Friendly Brundage.

George Jedenoff still shredding at 95 at Alta this February.
Credit: Harriet Wallis


It’s been mid-season, vacation week madness everywhere. Snow, snow, snow in the West. Even snow in the East! We have lots of news this week, especially the block-buster item that you may have heard about. VAIL BUYS STOWE.  The Vail Empire keeps growing. A good thing? Not so good? For seniors, we know that Vail is more than parsimonious about senior discounts.  What do you think, Epic Pass holders? Eastern skiers?

Let us know if you think VAIL BUYS STOWE is something senior skiers should care about.


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Ready to ride K2 Pinnacles on a firm day at Stevens Pass. Credit: John Nelson

Also this week, we received a dispatch from Bay Area-based Rose Marie Cleese about the monumental snows in the Sierra. The photos are stunning.

Co-publisher Jon Weisberg interviews Melanie Mills, CEO, Colorado Ski Country, about the attraction of the state to senior skiers.

Our man in the Northwest, John Nelson, reviews the K2 Pinnacle 105 version.  He takes those skis out on different terrain, different conditions, and renders his verdict.  Check it out.

We say goodbye to SKIING Magazine, a long-time pillar of ski journalism, a resource, a teaching guide, a source of entertainment and community. It is sad seeing an institution like SKIING go away.  We reminisce here about the days when we actually worked in its venerable hallowed halls.

Susie Z. gives us a DIY boot horn tips, Yvette Cardozo reviews Brundage Mountain Resort in Central Idaho, and  SLC-based Harriet Wallis tells us about George Jedenoff’s return to the slopes at 99 1/2 years old.  He shares his secret to skiing longevity, and it is worth paying attention to.

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Skiing fresh powder at Brundage Mountain. Credit: Brundage Mountain.



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