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There’s an old New England axiom that says half your wood pile should be left on Ground Hog day, the official mid-point of winter. However, this year, we have a feeling “winter” is going to stretch well into spring thanks to the amazing quantities of snow west of the Mississippi. And the weather people are predicting a cold, cold February for the east. Cold is what is needed around New England for more snow and snow making. It’s been an up and down season here.

Park City is lower in altitude than other Wasatch resorts, making it easier to adapt for low-landers.
Credit: Park City Mountain Resort

This week, correspondent Tamsin Venn shows us how seniors can rock and roll at Park City, a huge Utah resort that is, in fact, the largest ski resort in North America.  By linking with The Canyons under the banner of Vail Resorts, one can ski for miles. Interesting, Park City is relatively low altitude (7,000-ft), making adjustment for flat-landers a little easier.

Karen Lorentz has sent in an interesting review of SKI, INC., the biography of Chris Diamond, a ski resort developer and manager who has seen enormous changes in the business.  He’s very clear, however, that some resorts have not changed enough and are at risk of becoming outdated.  Check out her review.

Marc Liebman, a new correspondent, tells us about how his skiing style has changed over his 40-plus years on skis. Clearly, it is important to adjust as capabilities change.  What do you think?  Still ripping at 75?  Tell us.

Finally, veteran correspondent Harriet Wallis shows us how to save those little hand warmers for another day. Harriet also writes regularly for the SkiUtah blog.

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