Northeast Snow, Editorial On Senior Empowerment, A Senior Skier Person Zero, More Stuff For Car Safety, Discovering Beaver Mountain.

The blue is snow. Pretty significant coverage for the Northeast at last.
Credit: NECN

As we write this, the anticipation is mounting for a significant mid-week snowfall in the Northeast. From Maryland to Maine, it appears the region is going to get—to finally get—a nice covering that will add to the meh base and draw crowds for the coming weekend, President’s Day and beyond. The season has been up and down here with occasional rain mixing with dustings since Christmas. How’s your season going?  Please let us know where you are and what kind of conditions you’ve seen this winter so far.

This Week

This week we have an important editorial for our readers that indirectly stems from last week’s visit to the OR show in Denver.  Please read Tools For Empowerment. We outline our rationale for publishing the boot and ski for senior recommendations and all the other valuable assets we have created for our readers like the Where Seniors Can Ski Free directory. Basically, it is all about raising the profile of seniors in the whole snow sports—and outdoor recreation—industry and arming them with knowledge they can use to guide buying decisions of different kinds.  It also puts the onus on the industry to be aware of what needs seniors have and what kinds of gear fits those needs.  Let us know what you think.


We have a new Mystery Glimpse for you. Many respondents spotted the “hot hill” as Tuckerman Ravine, but the specific event and the date varied from reader to reader.  Curiously, some respondents noted that they were actually present at the event where the photo was taken. Find out the whole story.

Who is he? Why is he smiling? Credit: John Nelson

Correspondent John Nelson has skied with a 74-year old ski host at Big White in British Columbia who may fit the profile of the perfect senior skier.  Fit, retired, skis 120 days a season, works on a glorious ski hill, lives in snow country. Carlan Silha, the lucky guy, is the kind of all-year active senior that we admire and aspire to be. Meet him here.

Marc Liebman adds to his list of what to keep in your car for safety backup when you head to the snowy mountains. Does your car have any of this equipment? Consider the unexpected happens with unexpected regularity. Be prepared.

Finally, Utah’s Harriet Wallace discovers another hidden gem of a ski resort right in her back yard. Beaver Mountain, the “Beav”, lies in the opposite direction of the bigger Wasatch resorts.  As a result, she finds a charming area, comfy lodge, great terrain, and no crowds.  Virtual visit here.

We’re off to take advantage of some of that new snow up country.  We’ll report on what will be our first trip out this season.  Seriously.  Boot bag ready, skis sharpened, clothes about to be packed. Stay tuned.  New Hampshire here we come.

Thanks for reading and please tell your friends.  Remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.

Beaver Mountain, Utah. This is uncrowded. Nice.
Credit: Harriet Wallis



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