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Okay, this is shaping up to be a strange season. There’s this in the Alps:

Rescuers digging through 7 m of snow to reach stranded Zermatt guests.
Credit: Alain Duclos

Avalanches, isolated villages, impossible skiing conditions are causing havoc. The snow is frankly unbelievable. Here’s the story.

Meanwhile, in the Sahara Desert, we have snow.  That’s snow in the desert. Here’s more from 

On January 7, snow fell on one of the hottest deserts on earth, the Sahara Desert.
Credit: Karim Brouchetata/ Geoff Robinson

And Utah and Colorado are still waiting for some significant snowfall which is reportedly coming this weekend.

Why mention this? The atmosphere is changing, and the snowsports businesses and enthusiasts should notice. Perhaps we should all be taking notice. Correspondent Publishes In SKI AREA MANAGEMENT

We congratulate correspondent Marc Liebman for publishing A Wise Target Market”, a comprehensive article on the senior skier market in Ski Area Management, an industry trade magazine read by resort operators and marketing people.  His premise is that instead of treating the senior demographic as an after thought, the industry should embrace this segment.  That’s been the mantra since we started this online magazine four and a half years ago.  Bravo Zulu, Marc.  Here’s a link to the story.


This Week

This week, we reveal the name of the grouchy ski racer from our Mystery Glimpse and offer another puzzle to solve. This time it’s naming the name of a long-ago ski turn.

Correspondent Marc Liebman also offers some important advice on what to put in a survival kit for those long winter drives through the back country.

We also hear a fascinating story from Harriet Wallis about what kept Alf Engen, the world’s most successful ski jumper, from the 1936 Olympics. It has to do with breakfast cereal.

We offer a snow poem by Wallace Stevens for those who appreciate occasional touches of literature in our pages.  Let us know what you think about The Snow Man; we’re always looking for more Snow In Literature references.

COMING SOON! Ski Songs From Ray Conrad.

And is also proud to announce that we are getting very close to offering an album of skiing songs from the 60s by Ray Conrad.

Stay tuned; you’ll soon learn how you can order and download 16 songs from his famous album, The Cotton-Pickin’ Lift Tower and Other Songs.

Ray has agreed to make this CD available to readers of He is thrilled that so many subscribers reacted positively to some earlier articles on ski songs of the 60s and that the music lives on.

Finally, Harriet Wallis offers her insights into the four most stupid questions a skier can ask.  Have you asked one of them? Find out.

Thanks for reading  Please send comments, story ideas, pictures, videos. And please tell your friends about us.  There are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.




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  1. George Acker says:

    How about a shout out for Midwest Ski Hall of Fame Gold Pass !! They need our support !! Lost support of a couple of my favorite areas (Indianhead, Blackjack). Perfect for Seniors tired of skiing their home hill. True Gold Pass with no blackouts. Non-profit activity to support Hall of Fame in Ishpeming, MI as well as ski associations. Early pass @ aprox $600 allows skiing at 25+ areas. Perfect for seniors. In my case, cost matches my senior pass at Boyne and adult pass at Schuss I normally buy and my wife doesn’t feel bad about coming along and skiing a just few runs with money all ready spent. End of sales period showed 20+ of allotment still on the table or aprox $15,00 at fall price. This allows me to explore areas in western UP. Would not make the trip if I had to buy tickets as well !! Support areas when we go with lodging, food drink, etc and bring the good reports back to our home hills !!

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