Deer Valley Senior Friendliness, Online Lesson Review Series Starting, Using Old Stuff, Part 2, Fun and Fotos; Black Diamond’s Founder Urges Outdoor Retailers to Leave Utah.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows this week and more snow coming.

The snow has been piling up and up in the West while the snow from last weekend’s moderate storm in New England has melted in 55 degree temps. Crested Butte was closed down for a while because roads were impassable and completely clogged with snow. Same in the Tahoe area; 10 feet of snow in the Sierra, I-80 closed. Too much snow. Meanwhile, the Northeast teeters on the edge between cold nights for snowmaking and warm and rainy days.  Very up and down season so far.

Sugar Bowl base lodge on a snow day.

What is most disconcerting though is news from various Western resorts where skiers are caught in backcountry avalanches.  Some lucky escapes have been caught on GoPro videos; others didn’t make it.  Too many deaths this season so far.  So, be careful out there.  Big, big snow has big downsides.

Peter Metcalf, founder and former CEO of outdoor equipment maker Black Diamond, urged the big Outdoor Retailer show to get out of Utah. His reasoning? The outdoor industry relies on access to beautiful public lands, but Utah’s political leadership is hellbent on selling it all to the highest bidder.

We have an interesting report from correspondent Tamsin Venn on Deer Valley describing how senior-friendly the resort can be.  Comfortable skiing, excellent dining, service staff standing by to help carry, direct, teach, or serve guests in many ways.  We hope to visit DV one of these days; a true stand-out resort.

Yes, neon jumpsuits were the rage…35 years ago.
Credit: Shinesty

Val E. continues his two-part series by talking about using, well, old clothes and accessories.  Did you know neon jumpsuits are coming back?  Have you seen anyone wearing an 80s fuschia onesie?

Reminder: Last week we asked for you to submit a video of your skiing experiences.  We had a terrific submission from one of you guys, and we are putting it on the magazine next week! Please send more.  

Next week, expect to read about a new content asset for subscribers-only, more resort reviews, an op-ed about the Ski Patrol (you will find this very interesting), and a review of an online instructional video.  Please keep telling your friends about us, visit our advertisers, and remember: There are more of us every day, and we are not going away.  AND DON’T FORGET YOU CAN FIND A LOCAL SKI CLUB BY LOOKING HERE.

Ahhh. Fresh morning tracks.
Credit: Deer Valley

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