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First, let’s look at what’s going on in Zermatt.

Zermatt has beaucoup de neige.

Yessir, folks.  If you want to find snow so far this winter, we suggest you head to 1) The Alps, 2) New England, 3) Canadian Rockies. Perhaps a handful of other places.  We know that Vail and Aspen are producing disappointing financial results, and Utah is depending on the snowmaking arts to add to the stingiest base in 30 years.  However, it is still early days and white winter can roll in any time, despite the odd profile of weather’s happenings, like snow in Florida. We will be watching.

Reminder: 2017-18 Ski and Boots For Seniors, 115 Ski Resorts Where Seniors Ski Free*

If you are a subscriber, you can access our ski and boot recommendations for seniors.  Just look under the Subscriber-Only Content box in the top menu OR under COMMUNITY in the blue menu.  Both resources are free to subscribers.  You’ll also find our book of Historic Ski Posters to download, including 115 ski resorts where seniors can ski for free (or almost free). Some resorts give such big discounts on senior tickets, (i.e., $15 for mid-week), they might as well be free. You can also sign up for a free subscription to SKI Magazine and a free online subscription to Ski History. 

Coming Soon: We Are Re-Releasing Ray Conrad’s Collection Of Ski Songs.

It has taken a while, but we are in the final stages of preparing to re-release Ray Conrad’s amusing and clever “The Cotton-Pickin’ Lift Tower And Other Ski Songs.”  Originally released in the 60s in LP form and again the 90s as a CD, these songs are hard to find these days.  They will be available for download purchase very soon.  Details to follow.

Why Do I Have To Re-enter My Name And Email?

Every so often, we get complaints from readers who have to re-enter their names and emails when they visit  The reason is often that the reader has disabled cookies on their browser.  Think of a cookie is a little automatic log on tool; it stores your log on information for specific sites.  If you disable it, no log on information.  Hence, you get the pop-up. Solution: Enable cookies on your browser.

You also might be trying to access on a device that is different from the one you used to originally sign on with.  Again, that different device might not have the cookie that the log on is looking for.  Just sign on again and, if the browser is enabled for cookies, you are good to go.

This Week.

We have two articles that refer to technique and ski lessons.  Jan Brunvand offers a book review of Soft Skiing, by Lito Tejada-Flores, which explains the ski turn in simplest terms. As a senior skier, it is encouraging and clarifying to read his description of what the skis do to make a turn and how to initiate it. If you haven’t skied in a while or are much delayed in this particularly odd snow season, it might be a very refreshing view to take on board before you head out.

Meanwhile, correspondent Marc Liebman has been busy gathering the answer to the question posed to seniors: Why take a lesson?  We know that almost 30 percent of our readers do take a lesson during the season. Marc was curious as to why.  Here are the five big reasons he uncovered in his research.

Turns out our new Mystery Glimpse feature is quite popular.  Lots of readers took a shot at identifying the hot dog skier who was noodling on the slopes.  It shows how knowledgeable and experienced our readers are.  Even the wrong guesses were kind of interesting.  Check out this week’s MG.  Be advised: We think it’s not that easy.

Finally, correspondent Don Burch offers some life hack tips and tricks for skiing. Here’s one: Wipe silicone on your tips and boots to keep the snow off. We are sure our readers also have a collection of clever ideas for making the experience easier, safer, more fun.  Let us know.

OR SIA Show In Denver.

The publishers of are heading to Denver next week to attend the combined Outdoor Recreation and Snowsports Industries America show.  We’ve been planning to visit specific vendors who have products our readers might find valuable.  If you have any recommendations about who to look up, please let us know.  It seems the entire outdoor activities world will be there.  The only thing missing is a company selling 40 foot sailboats.

Thanks for reading  We really are growing every day and we are not going away.

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