New Senior Ski Tips eBook, Solitude Races, Big White Resort Review, “Snowbound” Excerpt, Lift Tickets From Speeders?, OR Show Finds.

Oh, and the skiing ostriches.  Don’t ask, just watch.

It’s been a busy week at We are seeing ongoing, monumental snow falls in the West that are relieving drought conditions in California and creating avalanche hazards all over the mountains. The Northeast is depending on snowmaking and grooming.

We have received and posted our first ever reader-submitted video. Thanks to Emilio Trampuz for being number one. Look under Community in the top navigation menu. WE WELCOME MORE.  If you have a video you want fellow readers to see, post it on Youtube and send us a link.  This should be fun.

We also have a new, subscriber-only eBook we developed with Vail instructor Seth Masia called “9 Ski Tips Every Senior Skier Should Know.”  If you are a subscriber, just go to Community and select Subscriber-Only Content, confirm your email address and download the file.  If you’re not a subscriber, consider subscribing, it’s free.

Correspondent Harriet Wallis contributed two articles this week, one promoting Snowboardcross and Skicross Races at Solitude and another highlighting some really cool, senior-friendly products she found at the OR show.

John Nelson is churning out resort reviews, this week focusing on Big White in BC.  It’s low key area with skiing just right for seniors.  Check out his report.

With all the snow flying out West, we thought is would be symbolic to publish an excerpt from “Snowbound” John Greenleaf Whittier’s masterpiece about snow and life. Bottom line: Snow changes everything.

Finally, we have an important article from John Brown, a veteran ski patroller, who talks about lifting tickets from speeders and reckless skiers.  Turns out, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  We know our readers don’t like or are intimidated by speedsters and want the Ski Patrol to lift more tickets. What do you think?

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