Undergoing Bombogenesis, Next Mystery Glimpse, Cold Wx Tips, X-C Apparel, Jon’s Midget Memory.

We write this in haste, lest the power snap off before we can file before SeniorsSkiing.com’s deadline.

New England and most of the East Coast, are in the midst of a monster “Cyclone Bomb”, as the meteorologists are calling it, or “Bombogenesis”, an even scarier name. Fast-moving, majorly deep atmospheric pressure, big winds and snow.  You might say, well, that’s great for snow sports.  True, but the minus-zero degree cold and wind chill that has been stalling outdoor activity of all sorts in the region for the past week will go on at least for another week.

That dramatic cold has actually kept skiers off the slopes in many eastern resorts, despite excellent conditions. Looking ahead, there is more extreme cold in the forecast.  The good news is it cold, not marginal or even mild temps being experienced in other snow country places.  We hear that some California resorts are doing well, others still waiting.  The Rockies has had winds, fluctuating temps. Utah would like more snow. On the other hand, the Northwest has snow, thanks to some monster storms before New Years. By the way, this pattern is what was predicted by forecasters as a result of the La Nina, seasoned with an awesome dip in the jet stream.

This Week

This week, we have our next Mystery Glimpse.  See if you can recognize the frowning fellow in the picture, and offer your guess in the COMMENTS below.  We’ll tell you who it is next week.  By the way, last week’s Mystery was Picabo Street, the gold medalist at the 1998 Nagano Olympics.

Correspondent Tamsin Venn ventured very bravely up to Stowe Mountain Resort over the holidays. She returned with some advice for seniors in dealing with very cold conditions. Recommended reading.

Co-Publisher Jon Weisberg offers a personal anecdote about what happened to him when his MG Midget was disabled, and he had to get a ride from two pretty girls. That wasn’t yesterday, by the way.  It was way back when.

Finally, Roger Lohr, who publishes XCSkiResorts.com, gives some advice on choosing Nordic ski apparel, based on his personal preferences.

Coming Soon: Ski Songs From Ray Conrad

In the past, we’ve published a couple of articles about ski songs of the 70s and from Ray Conrad in particular. Click here and here to check them out.  He wrote an album’s worth of satirical, funny, witty, and remarkably observant songs about what the ski culture was like back in the early-mid-60s.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked with Ray to offer his music through SeniorsSkiing.com.  Pretty soon, you will be able to download Ray’s entire album,  The Cotton Pickin’ Lift Tower and Other Skiing Songs. It includes favorites like A Skier’s Daydream, The Ski Instructor, Two Cubes and a Slug of VO, and more.

We’ll let you know when the download will be ready. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year and remember folks, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away!

COMING SOON! Ski Songs From Ray Conrad.

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