Mammoth revels on the Fourth of July.
Credit: Mammoth Mountain

As we have been hearing from media sources, the skiing goes on. Apparently, July 4th at Mammoth was a combo beach party and ski festival as witnessed by the photo above.  Alas, although we closely scrutinized the details in the picture, we couldn’t see any senior skiers reveling in their bathing suits and bikinis.  What’s the matter with you guys?

George belongs to a very special ski club.
Credit: Snowbird

On the other hand, George Jedenoff, who celebrated his 100th birthday skiing at Snowbird on July 5th with his pal Junior Bounous, wasn’t in a Speedo this week. Correspondent Harriet Wallis tells us the back story of this interesting, positive, and inspirational man who learned to ski 51 years ago and has been at it ever since.  Certainly the king of Trailmasters!

We continue our Fitness Focus series this summer with a look at an highly effective stretch and strengthening pose that is one of the most iconic yoga positions.  Down Dog, aka Downward Facing Dog, is relatively simple to do and yields huge benefits, especially in stretching those tight hamstrings which can play mischief with lower back and hip pain. There’s a video included in the story that shows how to correct common mistakes in Down Dog.

Harriet also has submitted an update to her nostalgic profile of Blandford Ski Area in the Springfield, MA area. Regrettably, like many small areas, Blandford is and has been in financial difficulties. We love these little areas,

Small areas like Blandford are where families grow up loving skiing.
Credit: Ski Blandford

especially for senior skiers.  The mid-week traffic is minimal, the ticket prices are usually discounted, and there is often a community of folks to hang around with.  The good news is that Blandford might actually merge with Ski Butternut.  Let’s see what happens.

The ski industry lost Tommy Corcoran, the developer of Waterville Valley Resort and a former Olympian.   He made a mark on the sport when it was on the steep upside of the growth curve, making central New Hampshire a cool destination for Bostonians, New Yorkers, as well as celebrities. He was 85.

Finally, we have a fantastic report from Rose Marie Cleese on what’s happening in the never-ending season in the California Sierra.  As you can imagine, the biggest snow accumulation in years is still bringing the devotees back to the high country.  She has identified what is happening where as well as some tips on skiing in that highaltitude sunshine during the summer.

Two-time Olympian Tom Corcoran was an all-around athlete who put Waterville Valley on the map.
Credit: Waterville Valley Resort.

Our top Trailmasters are being mailed their prize Debooters as we speak. Well done, everyone.

If you want a handsome 3 x 3 inch sticker, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to, Box 416, Hamilton, MA 01936.  We will send you a few.

Onward to mid-summer.  And remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.





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