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Murder Mystery, Departure Of A Legend, Cycling With A Legend, Kayaking The Legendary Maine Island Trail.

Sven Wiik, cross-country pioneer, passed away this week at 95.

Hope you had a pleasant and safe Independence Day in the US, and a “nice” Canada Day, too.  This short week has us exploring some summer themes and remembering a departed skiing hero.

First, we’ve just discovered an old-fashioned murder mystery by Wendy Clinch, our friend The Ski Diva.  Double Black is all about murder in ski country, quirky characters and page-turning cliff-hangers.  What more could you ask for in summer reading?

We also pay respects to Sven Wiik, a legendary cross-country skiing pioneer who as one of the early promoters of the sport in North America.  He passed away this week in Steamboat Springs, CO, where his Scandinavian Lodge was a long-time presence on the mountain.  He was 95.

Tamsin Venn, the publisher of The Atlantic Coast Kayaker, offers a snapshot of the Maine Island Trail, a pathway through the off-shore and coastal islands that threads its way from Casco Bay to Eastport.  If you have any interest at all in kayaking, it is worth checking out.

The coast of Maine has hundreds of beautiful islands that can be visited by kayak. MITA can tell you where and how to do it. Credit: Tamsin Venn
The coast of Maine has hundreds of beautiful islands that can be visited by kayak. MITA can tell you where and how to do it.
Credit: Tamsin Venn

Finally, our Cycling Series continues with report from Pat McCloskey about riding with Scot Nicol, the founder of Ibis bikes and an early mountain bike pioneer.  We know many of our readers spend time on bikes over the summer.  Pat has been wonderful about pointing out some interesting rides around the country.  Stay tuned for more.

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