Cycling With Celeb, Boarders Say ‘Try It’, A Champ Moves On.

Tour de France winner Greg LeMond snapping pics on charity ride with Pat McCloskey.
Tour de France winner Greg LeMond snapping pics on charity ride with Pat McCloskey, corrrespondent.

We know that senior snow sports enthusiasts like to cycle in the summer.  That’s why we started our Cycling Series that captures great or notable rides in different places and circumstances.  This week, we see how correspondent Pat McCloskey managed to ride with Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond on a local charity ride!  What a treat!

We also hear from Dave Hayes, a senior-former-skier-transformed-into-boarder, who presents a reasonable (albeit somewhat tongue-in-cheek) proposition for skiers to give riding the board a try.  Hey, let’s be open-minded.

Finally, we take a moment remember the indomitable, one-of-a-kind Muhammad Ali who tried skiing at Mt. Snow many years ago.

As we move to summer, we are analyzing the amazing results from Spring Subscriber Survey 2016.  We know that more of our readers than we thought buy lift tickets online.  That is a significant insight and one we will support with our new alliance with Liftopia.  See what’s going on in the right column over there?  Our readers can now access Liftopia from’s front page!  More on that as the summer rolls on.

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